Jio Android smartphone price in India could be cheaper than you think

Jio Android phone price will reportedly be around Rs 4,000 as the company aims to launch cheap 4G smartphones to make India "2G-mukt Bharat".

  • Jio is prepping to launch an entry-level Android-powered smartphone by December
  • The Jio Android phone price is said to be around Rs 4,000 (~$54)
  • Jio will reportedly make as many as 200 million smartphones over the next two years

The upcoming Jio phone that will run Google’s Android OS will come with a very affordable price tag to attract first-time smartphone buyers. A Bloomberg report claims that the Jio Android phone price in India will be around Rs 4,000 (~$54). The report further added that the entry-level smartphone, which is expected to launch by December, will be marketed with low-cost Jio plans. The upcoming Jio Android phone will likely support 4G only, but Reliance Jio aims to launch affordable 5G phones in the future as well. “Jio has asked local suppliers to ramp up the production capacity in India so they can make as many as 200 million smartphones over the next two years,” Bloomberg reports, based on people familiar with the matter.

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“It’s worked with assemblers on prototypes for at least two years in secret and can bring a phone rapidly to market, though it’s likely to miss the November Diwali shopping season,” sources told Bloomberg. The ambitious smartphone from Jio that seeks to revolutionise the smartphone industry in the country and make India a “2G-mukt Bharat” (free of 2G) may run a new and optimised Android OS from Google. The latter invested Rs 33,737 crores for a 7.1 percent stakes in Jio platforms back in July, which is under regulatory review for now, because of which Jio is currently proceeding alone with the mobile phone.

Reliance Jio will be taking on Chinese brands such as XiaomiRealme, and OPPO, which currently dominate the budget smartphone segment in India with their low-cost Android smartphones. “If Reliance succeeds in popularizing the new gadget, it could lift the prospects for Jio Platforms, accelerating Ambani’s efforts to build an empire spanning e-commerce, social media, and games,” added Bloomberg report.

Separately, Jio is hoping to enter India’s 5G market in early 2021. The company, as stated above, also have plans to launch a cheap, entry-level 5G smartphone that would cost a fraction of the ‘current cost of 5G phones.’