Jio number check: 5 easy methods to check your Jio mobile number

There’s no denying that Reliance Jio has changed the face of the telecom industry since its debut back in 2016. Jio is the very reason people have access to 4G internet at extremely affordable prices making India have one of the largest internet user bases in the world. Additionally, this ever-growing network operator has always had an edge over other players in the market by offering 4G data, voice calling plans and a complementary suite of services at marginally lower prices. Seeing the benefits Jio has to offer, many people have made the switch by either going for a new mobile number or porting their existing one. But the thing with a new mobile number is that it can take time to get familiar with and memorize it. For that matter, Jio has rolled out methods using which you can know your number without much hassle.  

How to check Jio number

It can be hard to remember your mobile number during the initial days of getting it. One should always have their number handy for mobile recharges, signups or simply to convey it to someone. So, in case, at any point in time you can’t recall your mobile number, here are some easy ways to check the same.

Jio number check using USSD code

This is one of the easiest ways to check and know your Jio number along with your recharge plan’s details such as remaining internet data and its expiry date. This doesn’t require any internet connection, unlike the previous method.

  • Open the ‘Phone’ or ‘dialer’ app on your phone. Or search for it in the app drawer on Android or in the app library on iOS
  • Once opened, dial *1# for SIM1 or *2# for SIM2
  • After a couple of seconds, you’ll either get a popup or an SMS
  • The first line itself of the received popup or SMS contains your Jio mobile number
Check Jio number by SMS

Alternatively, you can also dial and call 1299 to check your Jio number.

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Jio number check online using MyJio app

The MyJio app is the hub for everything related to Jio and its services like making mobile and broadband recharge, watching movies through JioCinema and getting to know your Jio mobile number which is visible in the app’s menu. But, if you just got a new number, here’s how you can check it online using the MyJio app:

  • Simply download the MyJio app on Android and iOS through Play Store and App Store respectively.
  • Once installed, open the app
  • Click on ‘Sign in with SIM’
  • Your Jio number will be visible at the top of the screen

Do note that, this requires the active Jio SIM to be inserted in your phone in order to know your number.

Jio number check using SMS

Apart from dialling a code, one can also send an SMS to check and recall their mobile number. This method will also provide your Jio plan’s details such as remaining internet data, unused SMS quota and plan validity.

  • Open the ‘Messages’ app on your phone
  • Start a new chat/conversation
  • Send an SMS to 199
  • Type ‘MYPLAN’ in the chatbox and hit send
  • You’ll receive an SMS with your Jio phone number along with plan details

Jio mobile number check using customer care

Calling Jio customer care is also an alternative offline method to check your mobile number.

  • Open your phone or call app
  • Call Jio customer care by dialling 198
  • When the call connects, you’ll get the details of your data plan
  • Next, it’ll prompt you to select a language. Select the one you are comfortable with.
  • Now select the concerning number to connect the call with a customer care executive
  • Once connected, you can ask them about your Jio mobile number
  • Make sure to have a pen and paper close by to quickly note down the number

Jio mobile number check by calling another number

You can simply know your Jio number by calling on someone else’s mobile phone like a nearby friend or relative. When done, ask them for the number and note it down somewhere like in a notes app on your phone or add it into your phone’s contacts app by saving it as ‘self’ so as to not misplace it in the future.

To sum it up, you can check your Jio number by dialling a USSD code *1# or 1299, sending an SMS to 199, checking it online through the MyJio app or simply calling a friend and noting it down for future reference.