Jio Rs 222, Rs 333, Rs 444, Rs 555 plans compared with old recharges

“The new Rs 222, Rs 333, Rs 444, and Rs 555 Jio recharges bring more value than the similarly-priced old recharges, albeit losing out on some data in certain cases”

New Jio plans have been launched by the Mukesh Ambani-led telecom operator as it clamps down on free calls made to rival networks. The new Jio plans are priced at Rs 222, Rs 333, Rs 444, and Rs 555 and offer 2GB data per day and up to 3,000 minutes of bundled calls made to Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc numbers. Therefore, these unified plans combine the data and non-Jio calling minutes, eliminating the need for the subscriber to buy two separate recharges – one for data and validity and the other to make calls to non-Jio numbers.

But the question on subscribers’ minds now is whether they will gain or lose data (or money) by purchasing these new Jio plans. We take a look at each of the new Jio recharge and compare them with their closest competition from the existing bouquet of prepaid packs. Of course, with the old recharges, the customer needs to purchase a top-up voucher that provides bundled minutes for calls to other networks. These vouchers, which also come with additional data, are priced between Rs 10 and Rs 100. Therefore, we have added the total price of recharge for each of the older packs in the last column.

PriceValidityDaily data capMonthly dataBundled minutesPrice after IUC voucher
Rs 22228 days2GB per day56GB1,000 minutes
Rs 19828 days2GB per day56GBRs 208 to Rs 298
Rs 33356 days2GB per day112GB1,000 minutes
Rs 29928 days3GB per day84GBRs 309 to Rs 399
Rs 34970 days1.5GB per day105GBRs 359 to Rs 449
Rs 44484 days2GB per day168GB1,000 minutes
Rs 39984 days1.5GB per day126GBRs 409 to Rs 499
Rs 44884 days2GB per day168GBRs 458 to Rs 548
Rs 55584 days2GB per day168GB3,000 minutes
Rs 49891 days2GB per day182GBRs 508 to Rs 598
Rs 50928 days4GB per day112GBRs 519 to Rs 609

To recall, the vouchers Jio introduced to provide subscribers with bundled off-net calls were priced at Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, and Rs 100. These vouchers respectively provided 124 minutes, 249 minutes, 656 minutes, and 1,362 minutes of bundled calls. And, to nobody’s surprise, Jio also threw in a little bonus data to lessen the sting of spending extra for these vouchers, ranging from 1GB to 10GB for the entire validity period.

And if you are interested in how much extra data you will gain on the older Jio recharges when you purchase the top-up vouchers, we have broken that down below:

Monthly dataRs 10 (124 minutes)Rs 20 (249 minutes)Rs 50 (656 minutes)Rs 100 (1,362 minutes)
Rs 19856GB57GB/ Rs 20858GB/ Rs 21861GB/ Rs 24866GB/ Rs 298
Rs 29984GB85GB/ Rs 30986GB/ Rs 31989GB/ Rs 34994GB/ Rs 399
Rs 349105GB106GB/ Rs 359107GB/ Rs 369110GB/ Rs 399115GB/ Rs 449
Rs 399126GB127GB/ Rs 409128GB/ Rs 319131GB/ Rs 449136GB/ Rs 499
Rs 448168GB169GB/ Rs 458170GB/ Rs 468173GB/ Rs 498178GB/ Rs 548
Rs 498182GB183GB/ Rs 508184GB/ Rs 518186GB/ Rs 548192GB/ Rs 598
Rs 509112GB113GB/ Rs 519114GB/ Rs 529116GB/ Rs 559122GB/ Rs 609
These vouchers expire once the bundled minutes are exhausted – after that, the subscriber needs to purchase the voucher once again even if the validity of the recharge remains. Seeing these numbers, it is clear the new Jio plans offer better value to the subscribers. Of course, everything eventually comes down to the data consumption and calling demands of the individual users. Which one do you prefer? Tell us in comments below!