Jio UPI AutoPay: How to use UPI Autopay to recharge Jio number

Jio users can autopay for their preferred plan on MyJio app.

Tired of recharging/ paying bills of your mobile tariff plan every now and then? Fret no more as Reliance brings a new feature named Jio UPI AutoPay for its prepaid, as well as postpaid, customers. The feature allows customers to get rid of the mundane task of recharging their numbers manually before the plan expiry to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. Jio UPI AutoPay automatically top-up the Jio number through MyJio App before the plan expiry. This beneficial feature has been made possible through a partnership between Reliance Jio and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). If you are a prepaid customer, read on to know more about the My Jio app’s Jio UPI AutoPay and how you can use it to automatically recharge your Jio number.

What is Jio’s UPI AutoPay?

Jio’s UPI AutoPay is a MyJio app feature that allows prepaid and postpaid customers to set automatic recharge payments of up to Rs 5,000. This feature is available for all Jio users. Using Jio UPI AutoPay, customers can set standing instructions for auto-debit for their selected tariff plan through UPI, without the need to enter the UPI pin. This will end up saving time and effort for the customers. The automatic recharge via Jio UPI AutoPay works only for tariff plans up to Rs 5,000 as above that amount, prepaid customers need to enter the UPI pin manually for recharging and bill payments.

How to use UPI AutoPay to recharge Jio number

If you are Jio customer then you can easily use Jio UPI AutoPay by following these simple steps:

  • Open the MyJio App on your smartphone.
  • Click on the ‘Mobile’ section on the top of the screen (next to the ‘Home’ section).
  • Click on ‘Setup Jio AutoPay’.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, which is the Jio AutoPay activation page. Here, you need to click on ‘Get Started’ at the bottom.
  • Then select a suitable prepaid tariff plan for which you would want to automate the payment process.
  • Next, select the payment mode – UPI or Bank Account. Click on ‘UPI’.
  • Provide UPI ID and verify the same to complete the setup for the Jio UPI AutoPay option for your preferred recharge tariff plan.


What is the maximum amount you can set for Jio UPI Autopay?

Rs 5,000 is the maximum amount you can set for Jio UPI AutoPay without having to manually enter the UPI Pin for every transaction. Although you can select tariff plans beyond Rs 5,000, you will have to enter your UPI Pin every time you make the payment.

How to stop Jio UPI AutoPay

To stop Jio UPI AutoPay, follow these simple steps:

  • Open MyJio App.
  • Click on the menu (three horizontal lines on top left-hand corner).
  • Click on JioPay and then on Jio AutoPay.
  • Click on the relevant UPI/bank details and finally click on Cancel to stop Jio UPI AutoPay.