Reliance Jio launches JioPages browser in India: how to download, key features

JioPages web browser has been launched in India by Reliance Jio. It is based on Chromium Blink and has support for eight Indian languages, built-in Adblocker, and more.

  • Reliance Jio has officially launched JioPages browser in India
  • The browser supports Dark Mode, built-in Adblock Plus, eight Indian languages, and pin-locked incognito browsing
  • JioPages is available to download from Google Play Store

Reliance Jio has launched JioPages, a new web browser that is based on Chromium Blink. The company says JioPages offers a safe, fast, and uninterrupted browsing experience. It comes with a personalised home screen, localised content, a smart download manager, and secured incognito mode, among other things. It has support for features like encrypted connections and eight Indian languages as well. Here’s a quick look at how you can download JioPages and all the key features the browser offers. 

How to download JioPages?

JioPages web browser is now available to download from the Google Play Store, which means it supports Android devices. The app is not available on the Apple App Store, so iPhone and iPad users will not be able to download the app.

JioPages features

JioPages comes with personalised news content with support for eight Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujrati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. It has a smart download manager, pin-locked incognito browsing, and support for themes. The web browser comes with built-in Adblock Plus, faster page loading, Emoji domain support, encrypted connection, and is claimed to offer efficient media streaming. Jio says the JioPages web browser is designed and conceptualised entirely in India, but the Blink rendering engine is developed in association with Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Opera Software, Samsung, Adobe Systems, Intel, and others.


Users will be given a choice to select the app language and also set their regional preferences. The web browser comes with a dark mode theme and comes with content cards with topics ranging from the stock market, cricket scores, etc. The download manager in the browser categories downloads according to the file type. The in-built Adblock Plus supports a list of acceptable ads and allows users to whitelist domains. Jio is highlighting web security and data privacy at its core. Besides Google, users can choose between, Yahoo, Bing, and Duck Duck Go as the default search engine.