JioSaavn officially launched, available on Android, iOS and JioPhone

“The company claims that the merging of the two services have formed South Asia’s largest streaming, entertainment and artist platform.”

A few days after Saavn confirmed the merging of JioMusic with Saavn’s own music streaming entity, Reliance Industries has confirmed the launch of JioSaavn — the new, merged music streaming service. The company claims that the merging of the two services have formed “South Asia’s largest streaming, entertainment and artist platform.” Now, all users of JioMusic and Saavn will be automatically upgraded to JioSaavn, and the app is available across web, Android, iOS and Jio’s own phone, JioPhone.

In a statement released to the press, Reliance has stated that the combined valuation of Saavn’s music streaming service is at $1 billion. Furthermore, with the addition of JioMusic, JioSaavn will reportedly rank among the most popular and most valued music streaming service across the world. JioMusic was a bundled, free-to-use application that was provided to all Jio users when they purchased a new connection. As a result, the service automatically registered most of its users that purchased a Jio connection. In its press statement, Jio claimed that it now has 252 million subscribers, who will now gain access to JioSaavn.


Interestingly, existing users of Reliance Jio, who already had access to JioMusic’s free streaming service, will not gain automatic access to JioSaavn Pro. Reliance states that JioSaavn will continue to operate in Saavn’s existing freemium model, where non-paying users will have access to the ad-supported streaming service. JioSaavn Pro will further include no ad breaks, offline downloads and other premium features. Existing Jio users will only get a free, 90-day trial period with JioSaavn Pro, beyond which they will be required to pay.

Among updates and new features, JioSaavn will get the likes of interactive lyrics, localised vernacular text displays, custom integration (and possible streaming) of Jio-backed concerts and live events, as well as “exclusive video content”, which Jio states will be rolled out to the new app over the next few months. As of now, it is unclear if non-Jio users, who already subscribe to Saavn Pro, will also have access to Jio’s curated video and live content. Jio’s own users, however, have not appreciated the move, and criticised the company over taking away JioMusic’s unlimited free streaming and download service.