Kawasaki Ninja E2, E2-R electric bikes reportedly to launch later this year

Kawasaki could soon launch its brand new A1 class electric motorcycle twin with up to 30bhp of peak power. Read on to know more.

  • Kawasaki to launch two new A1 class electric bikes soon
  • The new 125cc class motorcycle will produce a continuous power of 14.8bhp but could deliver a peak power close to 30bhp
  • The two-model lineup is expected to have a naked and a fully faired machine

Japanese motorcycling legend, Kawasaki, might soon unveil two new electric bikes and become one of the first major Japanese bike makers to do so. The company is expected to launch two bikes in the A1 class, similar to 125cc class motorcycles. These bikes will use much of Kawasaki’s patented electric powertrain technologies and are expected to stick to Kawasaki’s core motorcycling DNA to a large extent. The bikes are speculated to be called the Kawaski Ninja E2 and Ninja E2-R, as per earlier reports on Kawasaki’s naming trademarks. 

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While Kawasaki sure has global plans for the two new electric motorcycles, it is unclear if they are going to make it to the Indian market or not. The pricing, too, is a grey area until more details roll out. 

Kawasaki to launch two new electric motorcycles

Kawasaki might become the first major Japanese motorcycling brand to launch a series of production electric motorcycles. The fabled company is expected to launch two new electric motorcycles in the A1 or 125cc class of vehicles. According to a report by British Motorcycle Federation, the Kawasaki twins might be called the Ninja E2 and the Ninja E2-R. This also means that a naked and fully faired model can be expected. 

The Kawasaki Ninja E2 twins are expected to generate a continuous power of 14.8bhp, which is similar to the class of motorcycles it will come under. However, the Ninja models can be quicker than the competition, given that Kawasaki could target a peak power of about 30bhp which can be seen on higher capacity 300cc motorcycles. It is good to note that electric motors are rated according to continuous and peak power outputs. While regulations and legislations consider the continuous power outputs, oftentimes, the peak power outputs are higher. 

These new bikes are expected to inherit much of the expertise that Kawasaki has in the motorcycling industry and are also likely to incorporate patented technology. Parallels could also be drawn from an electric bike prototype that was showcased by the company three years ago. Moreover, there are rumours that the Ninja E2 twins could also utilise a four-speed gearbox that would help riders ease into the electrified powertrain and imitate an ICE-powered bike.