Key issues with Apple’s New iPad

Apple’s just launched New iPad is surely getting an overwhelming response as it is evident from its 3 million sales mark in just first 3 days, but it is also getting tons of complaints too from real users. new ipad Retina Display has given more fame to the tablet, but issues like overheating, poor WiFi reception, longer charging time and bigger apps is downgrading the popularity, which may take further down in coming months. Several New iPad users have complained on several tech blogs, and even on the official discussion board of Apple, that the tablet heats up fast. While put on charge, the New iPad becomes hotter than what the predecessor used to. The iPad 2 heat was measured only 39 degree Celsius, but for the New iPad it is about 47 degree Celsius. Just two days ago I came across the first complain related to poor WiFi reception. A user said that regardless of network the WiFi bar on the New iPad fails to show strong connectivity when held in a particular way. According to PC World today, the New iPad takes about six hours to charge fully. This is the longest ever for tablet writes the magazine after testing 40 tablets. Well, considering the good battery backup, this issue may not downgrade the fame of the product. Oh yes, the New iPad with better resolution means bigger apps in size. This eats up the space and sad to say that there is no provision of external memory. Is it that Apple wants to sell the higher version – 32 GB or 64 GB – by not offering external memory option? Just give a thought. Do write your views in the below given comment box.