Lenovo laptop with removable tablet shown off in patent images

Lenovo appears to be working on a unique laptop that can house a tablet as well.

  • Lenovo patent images show the laptop will have a provision to house a tablet.
  • The tablet can be removed from the laptop and be used as a standalone device.
  • The Lenovo laptop’s display features a slit for the tablet to slide in or out.

Lenovo seems to be working on something unique that will cater to both laptop and tablet users, according to the patent it filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), as discovered by 91mobiles. The company has developed a new laptop design that can also accommodate a complete tablet device. It appears the tablet will be a part of the package and the housing isn’t just a placeholder to store devices. Going by the patent drawings, Lenovo is projecting it as an enterprise device aimed at businesses but the use cases of the laptop and tablet can be numerous.

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According to the patent images, the Lenovo laptop has a regular rectangular display on the front, with a keyboard. However, what makes it unique is the slit by the side of the display that houses a tablet. While we don’t know what size tablet it can accommodate, this definitely makes it a unique offering in the segment. One of the images shows the tablet can be pulled out from the laptop and used as a standalone device to take notes while attending meetings on the laptop. The patent application was filed back in June 2022 and was published on December 30th, 2021. 

The patent description reads, “A system that can include a tablet computer with a; and a clamshell computer with a keyboard, a display housing and a hinge assembly that rotatably couples the keyboard and the display. A tablet computer recess is disposed between the display side and the backside that removably receives the tablet computer.” Since the design is still in the patent stage, it’s hard to tell whether the company would ever launch such a device but we can only hope the design makes its way to a commercial product.