“We compare the two smartphone offerings from Lenovo”

No smartphone is perfect and when it comes to buying one, everyone has different priorities. For some, how long the battery lasts takes precedence over how powerful the processor is. To make sure that everyone’s demands are met, brands could launch different smartphones within the same price bracket. The most recent example comes from Lenovo, whose newly launched P2 smartphone has been priced just a tad lower than its own flagship-grade phone, the Z2 Plus (review). So, which smartphone is a better buy for you? Read on to find out. 

Design and Display

lenovo-z2-plus_1Design-wise, the Lenovo P2 couldn’t be any more different than the Lenovo Z2 Plus (pictured above). The P2 is encrusted in a unibody metallic shell which not only gives the smartphone a good in-hand feel but also takes the device’s sex appeal up a notch. The Z2 Plus on the other hand, uses fibre glass frame for its construction and lacks creativity in design. However, the insides of the Z2 Plus are protected by a roll-cage design which rests the important components of the smartphone on a different chassis within the body. Both the smartphones get a fingerprint sensor on the front. In terms of design, the Lenovo P2 (pictured below) gets our vote. 

lenovo_p2_review_4The P2 also differentiates itself from the Z2 Plus in terms of display. While the former opts for a 5.5-inch full HD panel, the latter has settled for a 5-inch full HD display. The smaller display not only gives the Z2 Plus a higher pixel density, but also gives the device a much smaller footprint making it an ideal choice for people who like compact smartphones. 

Performance, Storage and Software

lenovo-z2-plus_11Performance is one of the biggest differences between the two smartphones, with the other being the battery… but we’ll discuss that in the next section. Driving the cores of the Lenovo Z2 Plus is a high-end Snapdragon 820 processor which has been clocked at 2.15GHz. On the contrary, users will find a mid-tier Snapdragon 625 chip under the hood of the Lenovo P2. It goes without saying that games and intensive apps will run a lot faster on the Lenovo Z2 Plus. Users will find the Z2 Plus to perform better with everyday tasks too, such as opening and closing applications, rendering home screen animations and so on. 

lenovo_p2_review_30Both the smartphones ship in two different variants of 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM. For the purpose of this comparison, we have opted to compare the high-end models of the Lenovo P2 and the Lenovo Z2 Plus. Do note that the higher end variant of the Lenovo P2 comes with just 32GB of internal storage but does come with expandable storage option. For software, both the smartphones can be seen running Android Marshmallow. 

Camera, Battery and Connectivity 

Lenovo-ZUK-Z2-Plus-first-impressions12.jpgIn the camera department, both the Lenovo Z2 Plus and the Lenovo P2 get 13MP rear facing cameras. However, the Z2 Plus gets a bigger 8MP sensor up front for selfies compared to the 5MP sensor found on the P2 making it a better option for selfie-enthusiasts. 

lenovo_p2_review_20Battery is the second biggest differentiator between the two smartphones. Fuelling the Lenovo P2 is a massive 5,100mAh where as the Z2 Plus gets a smaller 3,500mAh battery to keep the lights on. Coupled with a much more energy efficient processor, the Lenovo P2 will undoubtedly give its users a much better battery life than the Lenovo Z2 Plus. Both the smartphones come with similar connectivity options along with support for 4G LTE. 

So which smartphone should you buy? If you are an avid gamer and can’t bear the occasional sluggishness while switching between apps, then we’d recommend you to go for the Lenovo Z2 Plus. However, if you travel a lot and don’t want to plug in your smartphone at the end of a day, go for the Lenovo P2.