“The G7+ ThinQ has been priced aggressively to take on flagship killers”

Unlike other smartphone brands, the South Korean giant LG doesn’t make a lot of buzz in the Indian market. And the latest offering from the company — the LG G7+ ThinQ is no different. However, thanks to its excellent pricing of Rs 39,990, the device seems to be stealing all the thunder from pricey flagships and taking the heat to the mid-range. In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that the G7+ ThinQ comes with a lot of feathers in its cap and is a rightful contender to the flagship killer. Wondering why we feel so? Read on to find out.

A stunning display

LG G7+ ThinQ review04

The LG G7+ ThinQ comes with a 6.1-inch QHD+ (3,120 x 1,440 pixels) display featuring an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. Moreover, the IPS LCD display is HDR compliant and gets exceptionally bright – up to 1,000 nits. All this makes the panel a treat to look at. And if you’re concerned about the 2K resolution taking a toll on the battery, then there’s an option in settings to downscale the resolution to full HD+ or even HD+.

That’s not all, the display notch up top can be hidden or even coloured as per the preference of the user. The brand also lets users tweak the display colour and temperature using different preset modes like Cinema, Sports and Game.

A design that not only looks good, but feels good too

LG G7+ ThinQ review17

While glass-based constructions look quite appealing, they also make the phone fragile. To take care of the issue, the G7+ThinQ comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 layer on both front and rear panel, which makes it scratch-resistant. The brand has also gone an extra mile and equipped the flagship with IP68 certification, which ensures that the smartphone is protected against dust and water. The last seal of approval comes in the form of compliance with MIL-STD 810G. This means that the handset is designed to survive extreme conditions like humid environments, high-temperature settings and drop-resistance, among others. The sheer durability of the phone makes it stand out from other devices in the market.

Another unique aspect of the design is the 19.5:9 aspect ratio of the display, which makes it more compact and manageable. The taller aspect ratio of the smartphone makes it leaner, which means you won’t be doing any hand gymnastics to reach the corners of the display.

Dual cameras that actually make a meaningful difference

LG G7+ ThinQ review10

Most smartphones these days go for a depth-sensing secondary camera, which only kicks in when the portrait mode is enabled. The LG G7+ ThinQ on the other hand, has a 16MP wide-angle lens with f/1.9 aperture accompanying the 16MP primary lens with f/1.6 aperture. The wide-angle lens comes with a 107-degree field-of-view, which lets you capture a wider frame than a regular camera. Further, the cameras make use of AI-enabled scene detection and are capable of detecting 19 different scenes to change camera settings automatically.

Coming to the selfie camera, the LG smartphone offers an 8MP f/1.9 shooter. The selfie camera has been equipped with portrait mode, which blurs the background while keeping you in sharp focus.

Offers a stellar audio output

LG G7+ ThinQ review03

LG has the legacy of offering flagship smartphones which don’t skimp on audio quality, and the G7+ ThinQ carries that legacy forward. The smartphone comes with DTS:X Surround Sound audio codec, which promises immersive sound experience while listening to music. It does so by adding spatial awareness to compatible songs, making the experience all the more immersive. The brand has equipped the G7+ ThinQ with the Boombox speaker, which delivers one of the best audio output in the business. What’s even more interesting is that LG has managed to achieve this even with a single bottom-firing speaker. The smartphone’s chassis doubles up as a resonance chamber, which makes it vibrate and amplify sound up to tenfolds even when the device is placed on a flat surface. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy watching movies or playing games on the handset.

Furthermore, the brand’s latest flagship comes with a built-in 32bit Hi-FI Quad-DAC, which is designed to improve the quality of music playback. With the use of the right pair of earphones or headphones, you can enjoy the music exactly the way it’s supposed to.

The flexibility to expand the storage

LG G7+ ThinQ review01

In an era where brands are sticking to multiple variants of the same smartphone with non-expandable storage, the LG G7+ ThinQ comes as a breath of fresh air. The flagship comes with a beefy 128GB of native storage for all your data requirements. However, if you are still running short on storage, there is an external microSD card slot that can take up to 2TB of cards. Needless to say that with the G7+ ThinQ, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage.

Of course, that’s not all. The G7+ ThinQ matches the flagship killer in terms of other specs too, be it the most powerful chipset from Qualcomm — the Snapdragon 845 or use of 6 gigs of RAM. The octa-core chip comes with Adreno 630 graphics and promises faster AI processing as well. The hardware combination ensures that the LG handset can handle anything thrown at it with ease.

In a nutshell, the latest smartphone from LG’s stables packs in enough to give the flagship killer a run for its money. So what are you waiting for? The G7+ ThinQ is up for grabs on Flipkart. The icing on the cake is that the handset is available with a buyback guarantee of Rs 30,000 on the e-commerce platform in case you upgrade to a new phone within an year.