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LG patent shows smartphone with rollable display and stylus

"The large display of a rollable phone can offer the flexibility of multitasking where you can draw or take notes with the stylus on one side of the screen while taking calls in the other half"

LG, back at CES 2019, had introduced Signature OLED Rollable TV. As the name suggests, the display rolls out from the bottom when turned on and rolls back in when turned off. This premium design has caught the attention of many back then. Now, it looks like the South Korean giant is working on a rollable smartphone as it filed a design patent at the United States Patents office. The patent was published on March 5th, as discovered by 91mobiles. The display on this smartphone rolls out from the right side to offer a tablet-like screen. The patent images suggest that LG is using motors for free motion of display to roll in and out.

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