Location-Based Micro Classified

The Traditional classified engines like craigslist, ebay, olx, clickindia have to make way for the new-age classifieds that are location-aware, real-time and person-to-person targetted. Mobile phones are making this possible. The capabilities at the disposal of mobile phones are powerful. The best capability being the location-awareness. Your mobile phone knows where you are. Also, your mobile phone and number forms a unique identification for you automatically. You dont have to sign-up/login for a service. A smart mobile app/service can use these capabilities and create numerous utilities. One such example is anttenna – an iPhone application for Mobile Microlistings. Basically it’s a mobile application which allows you to post your requirements – an ad in one step. Once your requirement is captured, antenna publishes it to its database. Now, other users of antenna in your neighbourhood may lookup your ads and connect with you within few seconds. The communication between users is established through twitter. A very interesting spin to the classifieds. Give it a try and let us know what you think! anttenna-logo In their own words : “Anttenna is a free mobile application that facilitates real-time, location-based, person-to-person exchanges. By turning traditional classified listings into geo-tagged twitter sized microlistings, Anttenna lets you quickly connect with people nearby. Got an extra ticket? Need an extra ticket? Lost your dog? Having a yard sale or an open house? Just post a quick mobile microlisting” [www.anttenna.com] How it works – Video walkthrough Anttenna Mobile Micro Listing Video from Tom Antl on Vimeo.

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