Low-lights, camera, action! Galaxy S22 Ultra sets an epic standard with “Nightography”

While smartphones have become exceptionally good at photography over the past few years, night-time photography is still a struggling point for most of them. However, this year, Samsung seems to have conquered that mountain. The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes equipped with stellar cameras that excel in every department, and more so in night-time photography and videography. This is made possible by Nightography, a suite of hardware and software-based features that enable astounding abilities while shooting in low light. Here are all the factors that we think make the Galaxy S22 Ultra the most advanced low-light camera phone ever and why you should buy it.

Own the night with Nightography

Galaxy S22 Ultra with Nightography is really like carrying a professional photographer’s kit right in your pocket. Wherever you go, and no matter how much light is available in your surroundings, you can rest assured that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will provide you with stunning photos without sacrificing quality. The phone is equipped with a 108MP primary sensor with a wide f/1.8 aperture and a 0.8µm pixel size. Combined with the software magic that is Nightography, the phone can capture incredible low light photos and videos. When low light is detected, these pixels merge into one another to form groups of larger pixels, capturing more light for the image. This is followed by low noise processing, which removes grain from the images.

Own the night with Nightography 1

The second prominent aspect of Nightography is the anti-reflective nano-coated glass and lens. Samsung has used superior quality glass and optics for constructing the camera lenses on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This Super Clear lens setup allows light to travel to the image sensor with fewer reflections, allowing crips photos and videos with minimum lens flare. So, that one lamp you hold beside your face to capture a professional shot won’t end up spoiling the exposure of the photograph at all.

Own the night with Nightography 2

Another aspect of Nightography that aids night-time photography is Night Solution. When capturing a photo in low light, the phone uses multi-frame processing. It clicks a series of images in an instant and removes the frames with noise and blur. Then the AI kicks in and merges the remaining frames into a single shot with crisp visuals and enhanced colour tones and details. Night Solution works on all cameras present on the S22 Ultra, including the front 40MP selfie shooter.

Own the night with Nightography 3

With all these features, Nightography ensures that you get bright, detailed, and life-like photographs even in dark environments. If you’re the kind of person who has quit night-time photography simply because your phone doesn’t capture those shots very well, the Galaxy S22 range will get you right back into it.

Videography with Nightography

Videos captured in low light don’t just come out grainy, but they’re also blurry and fuzzy. This is mainly because the camera adjusts to the low light by reducing its shutter speed, making it more sensitive to camera shakes. The solution that Samsung’s Nightography has for this problem is a unique dual-track image stabilisation solution with OIS and VDIS.

Videography with Nightography 1

OIS or Optical Image Stabilisation compensates for shakes by physically moving the sensor in the opposite direction of the shake. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s OIS has a 58 percent wider corrective angle, allowing it to better handle the jitters and shakes. VDIS or Video Digital Image Stabilisation primarily uses software to compensate for the camera’s movements across three axes. This gives faster and more accurate direction and magnitude analysis. By working together, these two technologies calculate optimal corrective values and adjust shaky frames one by one, providing smooth video even in low light.

Videography with Nightography 2

And to make these videos brighter, the Galaxy S22 Ultra dynamically lowers the frame-rate in response to the changes in lighting. This means even if your frame-rate choice is set to 60fps, if the light diminishes, the phone will automatically lower it to 24fps, which is still a pretty smooth frame-rate. If the light still isn’t enough, Super Night Solution kicks in, which adds up to 12 extra frames per second based on the ones the phone has captured.

Videography with Nightography 3

Lastly, the phone also comes with a Super HDR technology that lets it capture videos with high contrast levels with 64 times more colour information. This incredible solution does wonders for the quality of low-light videos captured by the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Low-light portraits

Having pioneered technologies like Live Focus, Samsung’s portrait mode game has always been top-notch. This legacy is being carried forward by Nightography’s portrait mode additions. They work on both the front and rear cameras and enable the capture of stunning bokeh under low light. Night Solution also works on Portrait Mode, making the subjects pop without losing details. And with plenty of versatility to be explored in the portrait department, fans of such photographs will be amply pleased with the Galaxy S22 phones.

Portrait with nightography

Other camera features

While Nightography is a big part of the camera experience that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers, there’s still plenty more to take advantage of using the multi-camera setups of these phones. Apart from the 108MP primary shooter, the S22 Ultra also packs a 12MP ultra-wide camera, a 10MP telephoto camera, and another 10MP periscope telephoto camera.

other camera features

Thanks to the telephoto lenses, the S22 Ultra offers 3X and 10X optical zoom capabilities. There’s also the Space Zoom feature that can capture 100X zoom photos. The phone also brings Adaptive Pixel and Detail Enhancer technologies that work on daytime photographs to improve their detail and colours. The Galaxy S22 Ultra even gets the Pro Mode for using manual settings while capturing photos.

Features like Single Take for capturing multiple outputs of a single scene, Director’s View for getting video output from all the cameras, and Auto Framing for making sure you remain in the centre of the frame even if you move around, are also present here. Playing around with all these technologies will certainly make you an expert photographer who will be the toast of all the parties and gatherings you attend.

Price, availability, and offers

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is available in stores starting March 11th. In case you’re unaware, the Galaxy S22 comes in two variants, 12GB + 256GB and 12GB + 512GB, which have been priced at Rs 1,09,999 and Rs 1,18,999, respectively.

As an amazing launch offer, customers who purchase the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be able to get the Galaxy Watch4 at Rs 2,999 instead of Rs 26,999. Moreover, existing Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series owners can get an upgrade bonus of Rs 8,000, while other device holders can get an upgrade bonus of Rs 5,000. Those who purchase either of the three devices via Samsung Finance+ will be eligible for a cashback of Rs 5,000.

You can buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra right now from Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Online Store, and Amazon.