MacBook Pro allegedly explodes and catches fire ‘during regular use’

“The user claims that the laptop in the video is a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2015) and that Apple has said it will reach out to him in the next five days regarding the situation”

A MacBook Pro user on Thursday posted a video on Twitter claiming that his laptop exploded ‘during normal use.’ Even though there were no injuries from the alleged explosion, the user claims that his house did suffer some damage. Going on Twitter by the name White Panda, the user shared that the laptop in the video (shared below) is a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2015) and that he has already taken the laptop to the Apple Store. According to him, the latest response from Apple is that his concern has been “escalated” and he should expect a response in the next five days.

As you can see, the smoke can be seen coming out of the laptop but it is safe to assume that the user extinguished the fire before shooting the video as the wooden floor below the laptop can be seen damaged.

In a Reddit post, he explained the whole story in detail: “Yesterday afternoon my MacBook Pro exploded during normal use. It was on my lap, plugged in, and suddenly started to spew smoke out both sides. I quickly placed it on the floor where it popped, the smoke increased, and it caught fire. Toxic smelling smoke filled my house triggering smoke and CO alarms. No one was injured, thankfully, but there was some damage to my home. The situation could have been much worse – imagine if I had been on a plane.

White Panda claims that he took the laptop to the Apple Store within an hour of explosion and although he was initially told that the company will reach out to him in next 24 hours, as we mentioned earlier, now he has been told that he should expect the response in next five days.

It is only fair to point out that this case is extremely rare as we have seen some smartphones catching fire earlier but laptops have not been reported to burst into flames that often. If you face any heating issues or find that the battery of your laptop is swollen, would be a good idea to get it checked before this kind of incident happens. We will update you with what Apple has to say about this incident very soon.