Made-in-India battle royale game Indus announced for PC, console, and mobile

Indus will feature deep lore based on Indian culture with a futuristic twist with gunplay and gameplay mechanics you expect from modern battle royale games.

  • Indian developer SuperGaming has announced an upcoming battle royale shooter called Indus.
  • Indus will feature deep lore based on Indian culture with a futuristic twist.
  • Indus will be launching on PC, consoles, and mobile later this year.

Indian developer SuperGaming has announced its upcoming battle royale title, Indus, which will be available for mobile, PC, and consoles. Indus is currently in development and it is schedule to launch globally later this year. The developer claims that the game will offer a unique take on Indian culture with a “futuristic twist.” It is also expected to deliver deep lore alongside great gunplay and gameplay mechanics that you find in modern-day battle royale games. SuperGaming has also dropped a teaser for Indus.

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Indus dev team member, Roby John, has shared more details about the upcoming game. John says that Indus is “inspired by Indian history, culture, and indo-futurism.” The team decided to go in this direction as there aren’t many battle royale games that prioritise lore. and there are none that offer a take on Indian culture with a futuristic twist. Unlike many Indian games, Indus is releasing on PC and consoles alongside mobile. The game’s chief architect says, “We have world-class music, books, and movies but we haven’t seen a game that we can label the same! There are no global top-grossing games, no GOTY PC, console, or mobile titles from India.” SuperGaming will share more details about Indus in the coming months.

It’s refreshing to see an Indian developer making a game with Indian culture and history as part of the lore. As risky as it is in a country like India due to virtue signalling, creating lore around Indian culture can be done without much political backlash. International franchises like Far Cry and Hitman have storylines and missions that take place in India, but that hasn’t happened much in Indian games. It’s also surprising to see a PC and console title get sufficient funding for the project.

In an interview with IGN India, Nodding Heads Games, developer of Raji: An Ancient Epic, had said that convincing investors and venture capitalists to invest in console and PC games is a major challenge. Most VCs and investors are open to investing in mobile gaming, where they can expect quick returns. That being said, with more games like Indus and Raji launching from India, the gaming market in the country is only going to grow.