MaskGun gathers over 60 million players, three-year anniversary update now live

MaskGun is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a new update that brings the much-requested 1v1 mode.

  • Made-in-India online multiplayer shooter MaskGun has gathered over 60 million players.
  • MaskGun is celebrating its third anniversary this month with a new update.
  • The new MaskGun update brings the much-requested 1v1 mode.

Indian developer SuperGaming’s mobile multiplayer shooter MaskGun has crossed 60 million players. This month marks as MaskGun’s third anniversary, which the dev is celebrating by releasing a new update for the game. MaskGun’s 3rd Anniversary update brings a much-requested game mode, UI changes, and new skins. The new 1v1 mode joins existing game modes like deathmatch, bomb defusal, and team deathmatch. MaskGun is growing in popularity and the new content update will attract even more players.

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The new 1v1 mode puts two players against each other in a no-holds-barred match. Players can pick one from three weapon types – shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle, and face their enemy. SuperGaming CEO and co-founder, Roby John, has said, “The MaskGun anniversary update is our biggest one yet. 1v1 in particular has been the most requested feature from the community. It aims to be a test of true skill to show off the best talent from MaskGun’s 60 million plus players as there won’t be a team to make up for your lapses or carry you in a match.” The developer has also released a trailer for 1v1 mode.

Players can access the new 1v1 mode from the Rumble section of MaskGun’s menu. Players can consistently defeat their enemies to secure a spot on MaskGun’s leaderboard and win some in-game rewards. Along with the 1v1 mode, the game’s 3rd Anniversary update brings new female agents and Dragonborne weapon skins. You can download the new MaskGun update from Google Play Store and App Store.