MediaTek partners with VVDN Technologies to launch AIoT solutions in India

MediaTek is also committed to boosting the 5G infrastructure to make it accessible to all

  • MediaTek is looking to improve the Indian smart device ecosystem and 5G infrastructure
  • The company has launched a microsite in India for non-mobile smart products
  • MediaTek partners with VVDN Technologies to offer a new range of AIoT solutions

During the first Virtual Chapter of MediaTek’s Technology Diaries Forum, the company announced a new partnership with an Indian technology company, and also launched a microsite. The Taiwanese manufacturer plans to improve its focus on R&D in the country and reiterate its commitment to ‘Make in India’. The company is also committed to boosting the 5G infrastructure to make it accessible to all and enable the Indian smart devices ecosystem.

MediaTek has partnered with VVDN Technologies, which is a leading product engineering, cloud, and manufacturing company from India. With this partnership, MediaTek plans on offering new AIoT solutions designed for both homes and offices. The two companies will work together to design and develop products such as smart cameras, home automation gadgets, Voice assistant devices, and smart speakers. You can expect these smart devices powered by MediaTek to be available in Q4 2020. 

A brand new microsite for non-mobile products has also been launched for India. The company wants to show its commitment to the Indian smart device segment and offer better solutions for all demographics. This microsite will include detailed information on products that are powered by MediaTek chipsets. For example, you can find details about AIoT devices, set-top boxes, Voice Assistant/Smart Speakers, and Smart TVs. It will also contain information on POS Terminals, Retail Broadband, Education tablets, automotive solutions, and biometric devices.

MediaTek currently has two R&D centers in India, which are located in Bangalore and Noida. It has a balanced portfolio that spans across mobile devices, smart home devices, and other products. The company makes most revenue from smartphones and tablets, but a good chunk of revenue also comes from AIoT devices, Power Management, Connectivity solutions, and smart-home devices. MediaTek chipsets power more than 1.5 billion devices every year, and they are used by leading brands such as Motorola, OPPO, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, LG, and more.