MediaTek Helio G99 overview: bringing an enjoyable gaming experience for the masses

MediaTek has already become a dominant chipset provider for smartphones. But the brand isn’t resting on its laurels. It’s been launching new SoCs at a regular pace, both in its Dimensity 5G series as well as the MediaTek Helio G range. It recently announced the most powerful chipset in the MediaTek Helio G series – G99. And as the smartphones powered by this chip are expected to arrive on our shores soon, let’s take a closer look at what MediaTek Helio G99 brings to the table (or the devices it’ll power).

A speedster that’s power-efficient too

MediaTek Helio G99 is the first processor in the range that’s based on the TSMC N6 process. Now it goes without saying that the 6nm fabrication will ensure a lot of energy savings. Along with impressive power efficiency, the chipset boasts a powerful configuration too. The octa-core chipset features two ARM Cortex-A76 cores running at 2.2GHz, whereas the six ARM Cortex-A55 cores are tuned at 2.0GHz. What this means is that the MediaTek Helio G99’s big.LITTLE architecture keeps the battery drain in check, while ensuring that heavy tasks and graphics-intensive games can rely on the higher-end Cortex-A76 cores for smooth performance.

The chipset supports LPDDR4X RAM of up to 4,266Mbps. On the storage front, it features support for UFS2.2 storage. Whether it’s running heavy workloads or switching between multiple apps, MediaTek Helio G99 will ensure a lag-free usage experience.

Delightful gaming with MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite

If you love playing games on the go, then you should look for smartphones that will draw power from the MediaTek Helio G99 chip. Yes, it’s that powerful. The SoC comes with a Mali-G57 MC2 graphics processor which has two cores clocked at 950MHz.

That, combined with MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite, promises a great gaming experience. With Resource Management Engine 2.0, the chip does dynamic management of CPU, GPU, and memory depending upon the game being played and thermal efficiency. The engine also ensures that the battery life isn’t sacrificed while games with higher FPS are running.

Networking Engine 2.0 on the other hand, offers Call and Data Concurrency that lets users defer calls while playing without data connection dropping. There’s Wi-Fi antenna swapping functionality too, that adjusts the signal between antennas to offer lower latency and higher data throughput.

In sum, the combination of powerful hardware and smart features will make sure that one can play for hours without worrying about the performance drop or battery drain.

A smooth display with a 120Hz refresh rate

What makes the gaming experience more immersive is the gorgeous visuals. That’s what the MediaTek Helio G99 SoC promises. It can support full HD displays with a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz. So, whether you are scrolling through webpages or navigating the interface or playing games, a super-responsive experience is guaranteed.

Furthermore, the processor comes with the MediaTek Intelligent Display Sync technology. The tech dynamically switches to a higher refresh rate while compatible apps are being run, improving power efficiency.

Support for high res 108-megapixel cameras

The MediaTek Helio G99 silicon aims to power devices that are all-rounder. That’s why it supports the highest megapixel count on single cameras till now – 108MP. The silicon also supports dual cameras, and in case the phonemaker doesn’t want to opt for a high-res sensor, then the chipset can power two 16-megapixel snappers with ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag). The use of dual cameras enables capturing of detailed bokehs as well. The silicon also offers AI-based features such as AI face detection, AI noise reduction, and more.

The chipset enables video capture of up to QHD (2K) resolution at 30fps, while full HD videos can be recorded at 60 fps.

Of course, MediaTek Helio G99 brings forth the usual connectivity standards like dual-SIM VoLTE and ViLTE support with 4X4 MIMO, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.2. Smartphones powered by this chip are expected to be available on the shelves as soon as this month. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a device that ticks all the right boxes and doesn’t pinch your pocket too, then you should be on the lookout for the MediaTek Helio G99-based phones.