MediaTek’s marketing strategy in India: how the global chipmaker has established itself as a strong player

Amidst heavy competition, MediaTek remains the world’s leading chipmaker for smartphones, smart TVs, and more, powering more than two billion connected devices. Some of the most notable smartphones from manufacturers like Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, OnePlus, Samsung, Infinix, realme, Lava, and others, are powered by the chips produced by MediaTek. And it’s not just the smartphone space where MediaTek dominates. The company’s MediaTek Helio G Series and MediaTek Dimensity series for smartphones, MediaTek Kompanio for Chromebooks, Airoha audio solutions, and MediaTek Smart TV platforms have continued to scale popularity levels. India is an important market for MediaTek, and the company is doing everything to increase awareness about its products in the country. Let’s look at MediaTek’s marketing strategies and see how it has established itself as a renowned brand in India.

Incredible In, Incredible Out: incredible technologies delivering outstanding experiences

MediaTek’s marketing tagline, “Incredible In, Incredible Out”, echoes its commitment towards driving innovation into the hands of consumers. “Incredible In” is a reference to the high-end technological capabilities of its chipsets that are enabling a new era of mobility. “Incredible Out,” on the other hand, stands for how these technologies are creating enhanced user experiences worldwide. The tagline stresses how MediaTek delivers the best results with the advanced innovations of its R&D department.

Reaching out and connecting with end users

Very few companies understand market dynamics and act on them to get effective results. MediaTek is surely one of them. Even though its direct customers are OEMs and ODMs, it has dedicated a big chunk of its marketing focus towards end-users. It isn’t without reason though. A recent study by CyberMedia Research revealed that the chipset brand is a key factor in influencing the smartphone buying decision, especially for mobile gamers. In our own smartphone buyers insight survey, we found that apart from performance and 5G connectivity, chipset brand name was a big factor in buyer’s decision-making process. With this kind of increased awareness among customers, the brand undoubtedly thought it necessary to keep consumers apprised about the benefits of MediaTek-powered devices.

So it’s not a surprise that MediaTek products, especially its MediaTek Dimensity line of chipsets, are being marketed directly to end-users. The chipmaker has adopted a holistic marketing strategy and its working wonders for the company’s brand value. You’ll see marketing materials in traditional channels like in-store ads and newspapers and new-age channels like social media. The aim seems to be to reach customers at different stages of their consumer journey.

Engagement activities and learning platform

Engaging with consumers regularly also seems to be a substantial aspect of MediaTek’s marketing strategy in India. This is evident through activities like the Free Fire Gaming Masters tournament which was conducted in association with JioGames, and the upcoming BGMI Gaming Masters tournament that’s about to start. Moreover, MediaTek’s engagement drive extends to thought leadership events as well as other such activities.

And then there’s the unique and hugely successful MediaTek Technology Diaries series, with the sole aim to demystify next-generation technologies for non-technical users through informal discussions with industry stakeholders, OEMs, the media, and key opinion leaders. Furthermore, mobile van roadshows are being conducted all over India to engage with consumers, showcase live product demos, and educate them about the possibilities of its products.

Recently, MediaTek even launched an education drive targeted towards retailers. Various on-ground activities like direct interactions, merchandising of MediaTek Dimensity kits, and channel partner gratifications, were used to engage with them.

The road ahead

All this proves that MediaTek’s marketing initiatives aren’t just tools to promote their products, but they also act as platforms for learning and understanding the technology that powers modern devices. All the relevant information needed to make an informed decision is at the tip of the fingers for consumers. The “Incredible In, Incredible Out” campaign is leveraging a 360-degree approach of social, digital, and outdoor advertising for spreading awareness of MediaTek’s advanced technologies. And no doubt, with such a commitment and with next-gen 5G networks expected to roll out commercially in 2022, the brand’s success in India is sure to break all leaps and bounds.