Microsoft OneDrive is getting two new features in November

“Microsoft OneDrive will be getting a new Camera Upload featured and improved MyAnalytics in the next few days”

Microsoft has announced a couple of new features and improvements that would be a part of OneDrive’s next update this month. The new features will be available for the iOS and Android version of OneDrive. The list of the features includes Camera Upload and an improved MyAnalytics.

The Camera Upload feature, which was available to beta testers, will only be available for the Android users for now. Once active, it will allow photos to upload automatically from the Camera Roll of the device to the selected business account on OneDrive.

 The Camera Upload feature can be activated through ‘Me’ option within OneDrive for Business app. You will be required to tap ‘Photos’, and then tap ‘Turn on’ where it says ‘Camera upload is turned off’.


In addition, the existing MyAnalytics feature will be improved further. It will be getting new entry points to the view count as well as the context menu for individual files. This will also help the users to get all info at the first glance itself. The update would also have some improvements in the background, which will enhance the accuracy of view counts. If it works well, the app view counts should match the OneDrive web analytics. The improved MyAnalytics feature will be available to both iPhone and Android users.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also stated that the existing ‘File trending’ feature would be abandoned in the next update. All the changes would sync in by updating the OneDrive to the new version, which will be available in November as per the statement made by Microsoft.

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