Microsoft’s new patent reveals plans to reduce keyboard size in Surface Pro 7

“Microsoft’s patent suggests a slimmer form factor thanks to the redesigned keyboard”

Microsoft’s 2-in-1 laptop cum tablet, Surface Pro 6 has been criticised for its design similarities with the previous iterations but all that might change with the Surface Pro 7. A recent patent uncovered by Dutch website Windows United has revealed that Microsoft is planning to make the next Surface slimmer by etching its keyboard. The patent in question describes techniques for a circuit board for an input device where “cutting or etching” the circuit board directly into the touchpad can reduce the height of the keyboard. “Integrating a touch input device into a circuit board conserves space within a device and reduces weight.”

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While the patent doesn’t exactly refer to the design change, it does explain ways in which the device can be made slimmer and lighter. “For instance, a touch input device can be integrated into a main circuit board of a device, such as a circuit board that includes a central processing unit (CPU) and/or other components of a device. Thus, space is conserved and weight is reduced by not requiring additional space and additional components within a device chassis for a separate touch input device,” Microsoft explains via the patent.

Sadly it doesn’t detail any other information regarding the tablet, but if previous reports turn out to be true, then along with the slim form factor we might also be looking at slim bezels and a better screen to body ratio on the Surface Pro 7. Leaks have suggested that a USB Type-C port might also debut on the tablet. Microsoft usually announces its Surface tablets during the  month of October and the same is expected with Surface Pro 7.