Minecraft enchanting table: How to build and use enchanting table in Minecraft

Enchanting is an essential part of the Minecraft experience. Here's all you need to know about enchanting in Minecraft.

After figuring out the basics of survival in Minecraft, you might want to start exploring how to become more powerful, take less damage, and be efficient in mining resources. All of these can be achieved with the help of enchanting tables in Minecraft. While Minecraft enchantments can be somewhat of a gamble, it’s still one of the best ways to boost the abilities of weapons, armour, and tools. If you are wondering how to build and use an enchanting table for yourself in Minecraft, below is an easy step-by-step guide for that along with the list of items you can enchant and types of Minecraft enchantments:

What is enchanting table in Minecraft?

Minecraft lets you add magical abilities to weapons and armour using an enchanting table. However, enchanting can be tricky as you cannot predict its effect – you may get a significant update for an item or waste hard-earned materials. For instance, if you are trying to enchant armour, you might get Fire Protection or Curse of Binding that prevents you from taking out items from armour slots unless your character dies or the armour breaks. That said, enchanting is worth taking chances as you would most likely end up with something great.

How to build an enchanting table

To build an enchanting table, you need materials like two diamonds, four obsidian, and a book. If you have all of these, you can follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the crafting menu
  • Arrange obsidian in the centre and three more at the bottom row of the grid
  • Put diamonds on both sides and the book in the middle of the top row
  • You will see an enchanting table on the right that you can drag and drop in your inventory
  • You also need to build 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table to increase the maximum enchantment level to 30
      • You can build bookshelves using 6 planks and 3 books arranged in the manner shown above

      How to use a Minecraft enchanting table

      After you place the enchanting table, you can interact with it to open a brand-new interface. On the left side, you can add 1 to 3 lapis lazuli and the item you need to enchant. You will see some scripture on the right side that will hint at the randomly rolled enchantments. If you hover the cursor over one of the hieroglyphs, it will give you a clue about the potential enchantments.


      Which type of items can you enchant?

      Minecraft lets you enchant a wide variety of items including tools, weapons, armour, and books. However, you cannot enchant flint and steel, shears, shield, mob head, horse armour, and lead using an enchanting table.

      Types of Minecraft enchantments

      Minecraft has several types of enchantments that enhance weapons, tools, and armour. Here are all the enchantments and their max level:

      Multipurpose (for any weapon, tool, armour)

      • Mending – Repairs the enchanted item while gaining XP orbs (Max level: 1)
      • Curse of Vanishing – Enchanted item gets destroyed after death (Max level: 1)
      • Unbreaking – Increases enchanted item durability (Max level: 3)

      Melee weapons

      • Bane of Arthropods – Increases damage and applies Slowness IV to arthropod mobs such as spiders, silverfish, cave spiders, bees, and endermites (Max level: 5)
      • Fire Aspect – Sets target on fire and deals burn damage (Max level: 2)
      • Efficiency – Increase chances of stunning a shield with an axe (Max level: 5)
      • Looting – Increases loot earned from mobs (Max level: 3)
      • Knockback – Knocks back mobs when you get hit (Max level: 2)
      • Impaling – Trident deals more damage to mobs that spawn in the ocean (Max level: 5)
      • Sharpness – Increases weapon damage (Max level: 5)
      • Sweeping Edge – Increases sweeping attack damage (Max level: 3)
      • Smite – Increases damage dealt with undead mobs (Max level: 3)

      Ranged weapons

      • Channeling – Trident fires a bolt of lightning towards an enemy only during thunderstorms (Max level: 1)
      • Infinity – Shooting projectiles do not consume arrows (Max level: 1)
      • Flame – Arrows set targets on fire and deal burn damage (Max level: 1)
      • Riptide – Trident launches player and itself after being thrown and it works in water or rain only (Max level: 3)
      • Loyalty – Trident returns after being thrown (Max level: 3)
      • Piercing – Arrows pass through multiple enemies (Max level: 4)
      • Multishot – Shoot 3 arrows at once and only one arrow will be recovered (Max level: 1)
      • Punch – Increases arrow knockback (Max level: 2)
      • Power – Increases arrow damage (Max level: 5)
      • Quick Charge – Decreases crossbow charge time (Max level: 3)


      • Aqua Affinity – Increase underwater mining speed (Max level: 1)
      • Curse of Binding – Items cannot be removed from armour slots unless your character dies or armour breaks (Max level: 1)
      • Blast Protection – Reduces explosion damage and knockback (Max level: 4)
      • Depth Strider – Increases underwater movement speed (Max level: 3)
      • Fire Protection – Reduces fire damage and burn time (Max level: 4)
      • Feather Falling – Reduces fall damage (Max level: 4)
      • Frost Walker – Changes water source blocks beneath a player to frosted ice and eliminates damage from standing on magma blocks (Max level: 2)
      • Protection – Reduces several types of damage by 4% for each level (Max level: 4)
      • Projectile Protection – Reduces projectile damage (Max level: 4)
      • Respiration – Increases underwater breathing time (Max level: 3)
      • Thorns – Reflects some of the damage taken at the cost of durability (Max level: 3)
      • Soul Speed – Increases walking speed on soul sand and soul soil (Max level: 3)


      • Efficiency – Increases mining speed (Max level: 5)
      • Luck of the Sea – Increases chances of fishing rare loot (Max level: 3)
      • Fortune – Increases item drop chances from blocks (Max level: 3)
      • Silk Touch – Mined blocks will drop as blocks, instead of breaking up into other items or blocks (Max level: 1)
      • Lure – Decreases wait time until fish, junk, or loot bites (Max level: 3)