MIUI 14 update: Roadmap, list of eligible Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices, top features, how to download, more

Xiaomi’s MIUI 14 custom Android skin has officially been unveiled for the global market, including India. Based on the latest Android 13 update, the skin boasts several design refinements, new features, and privacy and security improvements. The MIUI 14 update will start rolling out to all eligible Xiaomi, and its sub-brand Redmi and POCO, devices in the coming months. The rollout will be in phases and completed by the end of this year. In case you are wondering when the MIUI 14 rollout will begin, what are the features of the new custom Android skin, the eligible devices list, beta updates, and more, we have got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about MIUI 14.

MIUI 14 release date and rollout schedule

MIUI 14 update schedule India

Launched officially in December last year, Xiaomi introduced the MIUI 14 for markets outside China at its MWC 2023 event on February 26th in Spain, Barcelona. This was followed by the MIUI 14 India launch where the company unveiled a list of devices eligible to receive the update in the forthcoming months

Before releasing the stable update, public betas for all compatible Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices will likely be released through the official channels first. After that, the final build will arrive. The MIUI 14 beta updates will be available through Mi Pilot program where users can test the beta builds and provide the company with relevant feedback.

MIUI 14 download

If you are interested in being one of the first to use MIUI 14 in India, keep an eye on Xiaomi social handles for an announcement — and the MIUI forums for an official post to access the MIUI beta, once it is released.

MIUI 14 features

Just like every new MIUI iteration, MIUI 14 comes with a new set of features, user interface (UX) refinements, and several security and privacy improvements. Here are the key features coming to MIUI 14.

Home screen customisation

Homescreen customisation on MIUI 14

MIUI 14 brings tons of new customisation options to the home screen. These include refreshed first-party widgets, tabular icons, big folders, and a couple of new wallpapers. Apart from that, users can also expect better fluency when scrolling on the home screen and opening applications.

Card-like design

Card-like design in MIUI 14

To segment various options in a clean and appealing manner, MIUI 14 uses a card-like design throughout the interface making it more organised and presentable. This is most evident in the Settings app, where various sections are divided into boxes.

Under the hood optimisations

Optimisation on MIUI 14

Xiaomi has put in a decent amount of effort to make MIUI 14 lighter than previous versions. System resources have been reduced in size while the memory usage has also been optimised to ensure apps continue running in the background. Furthermore, the system will automatically compress unused applications to free up a certain amount of internal storage.

On-device privacy

Privacy on MIUI 14

MIUI 14 will process each and every task on the device itself to prevent the risk of data transmission. This means, everything that happens on your device, stays on it. For instance, MIUI 14 allows the user to copy text from images for which the system doesn’t require any interference from the internet or server. On-device privacy is available on more than ten system apps.

Connected devices

Connectivity features on MIUI 14

Certain Xiaomi smartphones and tablets running on MIUI 14 will be able to take advantage of the seamless connectivity options the new custom skin brings. This includes copying text from one device and accessing the clipboard on another, sharing files through a drag-and-drop functionality, and even syncing apps and data between two devices.

Erase People

Erase People

Xiaomi is introducing a slick new editing tool with MIUI 14 called Erase People. As the name suggests, it allows the user to remove people from an image and retain the main subject in focus without ruining the quality or details. The feature is accessible from the Gallery within the editing options.

MIUI 14 supported devices

Here are all the Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones that are currently eligible to receive MIUI 14 update in India:


  • Xiaomi 13 Pro
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Mi 11 Ultra
  • Mi 11X Pro
  • Mi 11T Pro
  • Mi 11x
  • Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
  • Xiaomi 11i
  • Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge
  • Xiaomi Pad 5
  • Mi 10
  • Mi 10i
  • Mi 10T
  • Mi 10T Pro


  • Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G
  • Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G
  • Redmi K50i 5G
  • Redmi Note 12 5G
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro Max
  • Redmi Note 11
  • Redmi Note 11S
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
  • Redmi Note 11T 5G
  • Redmi Note 10 5G
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Redmi Note 10S
  • Redmi 10 Prime 2022
  • Redmi 10 Prime
  • Redmi 10
  • Redmi Pad


  • POCO F4 5G
  • POCO X3 Pro
  • POCO M5
  • POCO M4 5G
  • POCO C55
  • POCO M4 Pro
  • POCO X4 Pro 5G
  • POCO M4 Pro 5G 

Apart from the devices mentioned above, Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO will continue to add more devices to the list gradually when they are ready with the software builds of the specific smartphones.

MIUI 14 news

POCO M4 Pro 5G bags stable MIUI 14 update in India (June 16th)

POCO M4 Pro 5G in India is now getting the stable build of MIUI 14 based on Android 13. Along with visual improvements and under-the-hood optimisations, the update also tags along the June 2023 security patch. The build number for the update is V14.0.1.0.TGBMIXM which should start rolling out for the devices in the coming days.

Redmi Note 11 receives official MIUI 14 update based on Android 13 globally (June 9th)

The Redmi Note 11 has started receiving the stable build of MIUI 14 based on Android 13. The update is currently rolling to only those who have registered for the Mi Pilot programme. Coming with firmware version, the software brings brand new features and privacy improvements.

MIUI 14 based on Android 13 rolling out to POCO X5 5G in Russia (June 8th)

Continuing with MIUI 14 rollout, POCO X5 5G is the latest POCO handset to receive the update. Currently rolling out in Russia with the firmware version V14.0.2.0.TMPEUXM, the update brings several improvements and new features.

Redmi Note 11S gets stable MIUI 14 update in Europe (May 26th)

Redmi has started seeding the official MIUI 14 update for Redmi Note 11S users in Europe. Coming with the build number V14.0.2.0.TKEEUXM, the update weighs 3.7GB in size and brings several under-the-hood performance and stability improvements. The new software also strengthens the security of the device by performing various small tasks locally on the device.

POCO M2 Pro receives official MIUI 14 update based on Android 12 (May 6th)

The POCO M2 Pro is the latest mid-range smartphone from POCO to bag the stable MIUI 14 update. Unlike newer devices that are receiving MIUI 14 with Android 13, the POCO M2 Pro doesn’t get the same treatment and instead will remain on Android 12. The firmware comes with the build number V14.0.3.0.SJPINXM and weighs around 500MB in size.

MIUI 14 update rolls out to Redmi 10 5G, POCO M4 5G, Redmi Pad 5 and Redmi 11 Prime 5G (April 1st)

Xiaomi’s latest software skin, MIUI 14 is currently rolling out to a bunch of devices including Redmi 10 5G, POCO M4 5G, Redmi Pad 5, and Redmi 11 Prime. If you haven’t received the update notification on your device yet, head over to the Update section within Settings to download and install the latest firmware.

Xiaomi 12 Pro bags Android 13-based MIUI 14 update in India (March 15th)

The stable build of MIUI 14 has started rolling out to Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone from last year, the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Along with Android 13 goodies, the latest update brings several new customisation options and reduces the UI’s size to make it more lighter and efficient.

POCO F4 finally gets Jio 5G support along with MIUI 14 update in India (February 20th)

POCO F4 has started receiving Android 13-based MIUI 14 update in India. The build also enables Jio 5G support on the handset which will allow users to utilise ultra-fast internet speeds. The update comes with the build number V14.0.2.0.TLMINXM and weighs around 3.5GB in size. Users can check for the OTA update from the Settings app. 

Xiaomi 11i and 11i HyperCharge receive Android 13-based MIUI 14 update in India (February 17th)

Xiaomi 11i and Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge are the next phones in line to bag the Android 13-based MIUI 14 update in India. The firmware comes at a size of 3.6GB and tags along the January 2023 security patch. Furthermore, the update brings a new user interface and improves the system’s performance by making the operating system lighter in size.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 gets stable MIUI 14 update in India (February 16th)

Xiaomi has reportedly started rolling out the MIUI 14 update to its 2021’s midrange smartphone, Redmi Note 10 in India. However, However, the update is based on Android 12 instead of the latest OS Android 13.

MIUI 14 starts rolling out to Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G in India (February 13th)

After releasing the Android 13-based MIUI 14 update for Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G in Europe last month, Xiaomi has started pushing the update to Indian users. The update comes with the build number V14.0.3.0.TKOINXM and is currently rolling out in batches. MIUI 14 adds support for various home screen widgets and security features along with Android 13 goodies.

Global version of Redmi Note 11 Pro+ receives MIUI 14 update (February 3rd)

The global variant of Redmi Note 11 Pro+ has started receiving the Android 13-based MIUI 14 update. The firmware with the build number V14. is currently rolling out to Mi Pilot users and should arrive on more devices shortly. Tagging alongside the update is the January 2023 security patch.

Android 13-based MIUI 14 arrives on Xiaomi 11T and Poco F4 (January 28th)

Xiaomi has just released the MIUI 14 update for Xiaomi 11T’s international variant and Poco F4’s European unit. The update comes at a size of 3.5GB on both devices and carries a handful of new features and visual improvements along with the December 2022 security patch.

MIUI 14 reportedly rolls out to Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 (January 20th)

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 which is currently sold in China has reportedly started receiving the MIUI 14 update. Weighing in at 5.7GB, the update comes with firmware version 14.03.0.TLRCNXM and brings along a slew of improvements and upgrades over the previous iteration.

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE receives MIUI 14 update in Europe (January 17th)

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE users enrolled in the ‘Mi Pilot’ program are reportedly receiving the stable MIUI 14 update based on Android 13. The firmware arrives with the build number V14.0.4.0.TKOEUXM, which will be rolled out to more users soon.

Xiaomi 12 gets stable MIUI 14 update based on Android 13 (January 16th)

Xiaomi 12 is one of the first phones out of China to bag the stable Android 13-based MIUI 14 update. The update is currently rolling out to only those users who were on the beta channel. Coming with the version number MIUI (TLCMIXM), the firmware weighs around 4.43GB in size.

Several Xiaomi phones in China receive MIUI 14 update (January 9th)

After pulling off the wraps of MIUI 14 during the Xiaomi 13 series launch event, the company has reportedly started rolling out the update to several phones in China. These include Xiaomi CIVI 1S, Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 11 Youth Vitality Edition, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition, Xiaomi 13, Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, Redmi K50 Ultra, and Redmi K50G. The new software skin brings a slew of new features and visual upgrades throughout the UI.

MIUI 14 based on Android 13 update confirmed for Mi 10 series (December 20th)

The Director of Xiaomi‘s System Software Department, Zhang Guoquan has confirmed that the MIUI 14 software update skin based on Android 13 will be coming to the Mi 10 series. However, the update will be made available only to smartphones running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which means Mi 10i and Mi 10 Lite NE 5G may not be treated with Xiaomi’s latest skin.

MIUI 14 officially announced in China (December 11th)

Xiaomi has finally pulled off the wraps of its latest software custom skin, MIUI 14. While the update doesn’t bring significant changes, the company has managed to refine and streamline the software in various aspects such as performance, stability, and power consumption. Xiaomi claims MIUI 14 runs 60% smoother than the previous versions of MIUI and has made the UI lighter in terms of size. Other notable improvements include in the privacy department which now supports end-to-end encryption of local user data.

Full list MIUI 14 changelog leaks ahead of the official announcement (December 1st)

Ahead of the official launch of the Xiaomi 13 series and MIUI 14, a full list of features and changes coming to Xiaomi’s custom skin has been leaked. Key highlights of the update include an all-new home screen widget format, ability to store user data locally, improved system architecture for boost in performance, and revamped Mi AI voice assistant.

Xiaomi postpones MIUI 14 official announcement to a later date (November 30th)

Xiaomi has postponed the launch event of the Xiaomi 13 series and MIUI 14. Although the brand has not clearly stated the reason, it could be a mark of respect for the sudden death of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

Xiaomi set to unveil MIUI 14 on December 1st (November 28th)

Xiaomi confirms that it will announce the next iteration of its custom skin, MIUI 14 on December 1st alongside the Xiaomi 13 series. The latest skin is expected to be based on Android 13 and might bring certain new features and design improvements.