Mobile phone accessories on Croma you must own!

The right accessory can make all the difference to smartphone ownership. While these devices may come with some basic smartphone accessories in the box, you might need some more in order to really make the best of your brand-new devices. In this list, we will be looking beyond headphones and towards some accessories that you may not have considered yet.

Things to consider when buying smartphones accessories

Compatibility: Currently, there are two main operating systems competing for you attention. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. They also come with their own ports. Apple currently uses a Lightning Port, while Android typically uses a USB Type-C port. Some apps and accessories may not be cross-compatible. To ensure that the accessory you buy works with your device.

Size: Some accessories may not exactly be pocked-sized. So if you are planning to buy an accessory to carry around everywhere, do keep overall size in mind.

Wireless charging: While a wireless charger might be tempting, do note that not all smartphones support the technology.

Mobile phone accessories on Croma you must own

Apple 20W Type C Fast Charger

Apple 20W Type C Fast Charger
₹ 1589
₹ 1900 (17% off)
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For some baffling reason, Apple has stopped providing chargers with its iPhones. This means that you will have to go out and buy your own charger. And if you have to do that, ensure you pick up a fast charger like this 20W Type C Fast Charger. This will ensure you can speedy charging and not have to wait very long for your

Croma 30W Type C Fast Charger

Value for Money

Unfortunately, it seems like some Android smartphone manufacturers have taken a cue from Apple and have stopped offering a charger in the box as well. This 30W fast charger from Croma also offers faster charging speeds, which can quickly charge your device. Do note that this charger features a USB Type C port, so you will have to ensure your charging cable also has a Type C port at the other end.

Croma 10000 mAh 12W Fast Charging Power Bank


This 10000mAh power bank from Croma is a great option for those looking for a balance between large capacity and good portability. The large capacity should ensure that you will be able to charge your device multiple times. Meanwhile, the multiple ports will allow users to charge many devices simultaneously.

Croma 20000 mAh 20W Fast Charging Power Bank

Value for Money

If you are a traveller, then this 20000mAh power bank from Croma might be just what the doctor ordered. Its massive capacity will ensure multiple charges at a time. In fact, it also offers up to 20W of fast charging, so you can quickly top up your smartphone. It should also be noted that the power bank comes with multiple ports, so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

SAMSUNG 10W Wireless Charger for iOS, Android

Feature Rich

This UV sterilization box is a must in the current day and age as it can kill any bacteria of viruses on your device. It also comes with wireless charging, letting you charge the phone while the UV light does its magic. It should be noted that the wireless charging is Qi certified, so you should be able to charge iPhones or Android smartphones.

Croma Type A to Type C, Micro USB 3.9 Feet (1.2M) 2-in-1 Cable

A lot of smartphones, and some other devices still feature a micro-USB port. This could be wireless headphones, game controllers or more. And if you are travelling a lot, then you would have no option but to carry two separate cables with you. This cable from Croma fixes that dilemma. It lets you quickly convert one end of the cable from microUSB to Type C. So you only have to carry one cable with you.

Photron Stedy 150 Mini 16.5cm Adjustable Tripod For GoPro

If you love taking photos and videos of yourself, then a tripod is a must. This tripod from Photron is quite small. So you should have no problem carrying it around in your backpack. This means that you will be able to set it up whenever you see fit and take some social media-worthy images and videos.

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