Mobile phone landscape: India 2015

“A snapshot of the phone launches, brand popularity and devices which garnered the most attention in the year gone by”

There’s little doubt that the mobile industry in India is growing at an unprecedented pace. But to put things in perspective, the real question is how fast it’s growing, especially when compared to the previous years? Well, to answer that question we’ve been bringing out comprehensive reports on the state of mobile phone market in India since the past couple of years, and now is time to take a closer look at the happenings in the sector in the year 2015. So, without further ado, let’s see what defined the smartphone market last year.

While the report has the complete details, here are the key highlights to give you a bird’s eye view:

  • The number of mobile phone launches grew twice as fast in 2015, in comparison to 2014 (43 percent vs 19 percent)
  • Surprisingly, feature phones are still growing faster than smartphones (63 percent vs 30 percent)
  • In terms of popularity, the premium segment is eroding, while the budget segment holds the major share
  • Not just number of launches, the number of phone brands present in India have also increased tremendously (2.5x since 2013)
  • International brands have also started focussing heavily on the entry-level and budget segments
  • While Indian brands lead the charts in terms of total smartphones launched, international brands dominate the Rs 10k+ category
  • Brands like Lenovo and ASUS, as well as debutants YU and OnePlus entered the popularity charts at the expense of established brands

There are many more interesting insights in the report, so do give it a look.