Here’s why the Molife Sense 300 is an impressive smartwatch

The Molife Sense 300 smartwatch comes packed with a ton of features

Personal fitness has become even more important to most people in recent times, and in such a scenario, a fitness watch can be quite useful. In fact, a device that keeps track of fitness and physical activity would make a perfect gift during the festive season too. However, even when you find a worthy option, you could be held back by the budget. The Molife Sense 300 smartwatch however, is something that should solve both your problems. It’s a feature-rich smartwatch, offering everything from Bluetooth calling to blood oxygen level monitoring, and it can be bought at just Rs 3,499. This product is powered by the wearable-focused MediaTek Airoha MT2502DV/B chip, which guarantees excellent all-round performance and gives it the platform needed to offer such useful features. Let us tell you why the Molife Sense 300 is a worthy smartwatch to buy.

Bluetooth calling functionality

The Molife Sense 300 is a good choice because it offers features that are usually reserved for much more expensive smartwatches. Take for instance its Bluetooth calling facility that allows you to pick up a call and speak to the caller even when your phone is still in your pocket. This is great for when you’re driving but don’t want to reject an important call, and also for when you know that it’s going to be a very short call, so you don’t need to remove the phone out of your pocket for it. Thanks to this feature, you can even place a phone call with the watch’s dialer. It’s this truly high-end feature that makes the device a must-have for those looking for smartwatches right now. Worth mentioning that the Bluetooth 4.0 functionality is enabled on the watch by its MediaTek Airoha MT2502DV/B chip.

Health features

The Molife Sense 300 is ideal for fitness enthusiasts thanks to its real-time health and fitness tracking. Moreover, it ships with a heart-rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor, and even an oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitor onboard, which are all quite handy tools to have given the current scenario. All this ensures that you can keep track of your health all the time and get timely updates via the FunDo app that’s available on both Android and iOS platforms. While the watch itself provides you with a comprehensive look at your daily activities and vital signs, the app will keep a record of them and give you timely analyses, so you can make changes to your lifestyle if need be. As you can make out, the smartwatch is fully loaded in terms of features, and the fully integrated nature of the MediaTek Airoha MT2502DV/B chip that powers the device helps in keeping things smooth.

Performance and battery life

At the heart of the MediaTek Airoha MT2502DV/B chipset is the ARM7EJ-S processor, which boasts a clock speed of 260MHz. That’s enough power to easily handle all the features without any hiccups. You can rest assured that the watch interface will work smoothly thanks to this processor. Moreover, the chipset also comes with a special embedded power management tool for Li-ion batteries. That means the already ample 280mAh battery inside the device will be able to keep going for long hours without needing a charge. Thanks to this battery, the smartwatch is able to provide 48 hours of battery life and 7 days of standby time on regular usage. And charging it is also a breeze thanks to the snap-on charger that’s provided with the device.

Design and display

The Molife Sense 300 impresses with its 1.54-inch rectangular display that’s surrounded by a zinc alloy frame. This full-colour touch display provides ample brightness for content to be visible in outdoor environments as well. The makers of the device have also granted it IP67 waterproofing, which means you can wear it in rain or when your body is sweaty during daily workouts without worrying about causing it any damage. Moreover, you also get a one-year assured warranty on the product. The Molife Sense 300 happens to be India’s first calling smartwatch with Hindi language support, thus eliminating the language barrier for the country’s wide Hindi-speaking populace.

Bottom line

MediaTek has a massive presence in the smart devices segment, and the MediaTek Airoha MT2502DV/B chip inside the Molife Sense 300 smartwatch allows it to offer a wide variety of fitness and health features and a host of other exciting goodies, including Bluetooth calling support. And at Rs 3,499, it’s an absolute steal. Like we said, the Molife Sense 300 is the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season.