The Moto X 2nd-gen review in pictures

“A quick snapshot at capabilities and features of the Motorola’s latest flagship”

Motorola’s budget smartphones, the original Moto G (review | FAQs) and Moto E (review | FAQs) have changed the company’s fortunes. Not only that, the duo are also credited with initiating new categories of value-for-money devices and budget-performance smartphones, thanks to their powerful set of specs offered at compelling price points. However, company’s top-end offering, the first-gen Moto X (review | cheatsheet) didn’t get the same love as its siblings. Now, Motorola hopes to change that with its successor, also dubbed as the Moto X. We’ve already brought you its unboxing and first impressions, along with taking its camera for a spin and trying to squash your doubts about the device. While we’ll pen down our experience of using the Motorola’s latest flagship in our upcoming review, here’s a visual tour of the new Moto X’s capabilities and features.