Mozilla to reportedly launch paid version of Firefox later this year

“Mozilla Firefox free version could offer limited VPN bandwidth, while a monthly subscription unlocks unlimited bandwidth”

Mozilla is reportedly set to launch a new premium version of its popular Firefox browser later this year. In an interview with German media outlet T3N, Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla mentioned that the new version would come equipped with dedicated features like VPN, secure cloud storage and few others. Notably, Mozilla already had its hands on a paid subscription where it offered a VPN service for $10 (around Rs 700) in partnership with ProtonVPN. Now, with the new version, Mozilla could provide limited VPN bandwidth for the free version, while a monthly subscription unlocks unlimited bandwidth.

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Furthermore, Beard clarified that the company isn’t planning on charging the features that are currently free, which is a relief. In a statement, Chris said, “So, what we want to clarify is that there is no plan to charge money for things that are now free. So we will roll out a subscription service and offer a premium level. And the plan is to introduce the first one this year, towards fall. We aim for October.” Unfortunately, the pricing details aren’t revealed, so we should know more information in the next few months.

Mozilla recently rolled out Firefox 67 update that is focused on offering faster browsing experience. As Mozilla claims, it would now load webpages such as Instagram, Amazon and Google 40-80 percent faster than before. It also includes an integrated tab suspender; Firefox will now automatically detect when the available memory on PC is at 400MB or below, and suspend tabs that are not in use for a while. Firefox 67 also deprioritises browser UI elements such as decorative browser themes, which will no longer be loaded as priority modules.