Mumbai woman loses Rs 7 lakh after scammer lures her with credit card and free Android phone

The scammer sent the lady a free Android phone to activate the card, which she was allowed to keep.

  • A Mumbai-based woman has been scammed of Rs 7 lakh 
  • The cybercrime victim was enticed by the scammer who posed to be a bank official and offered a credit card with a club membership
  • The scam was conducted using an Android smartphone with built authenticator apps

A woman based in Mumbai has fallen prey to a cyber scam that has duped her of Rs 7 lakh. Reports suggest that the Mumbai-based woman was sent a free Android smartphone by the scammer who assured her a credit card that would enable multiple benefits. The police report was filed at the Khandeshwar police station where the officials registered a case against the fraudster under sections 419 and 420 of IPC and 66 (C) of the IT Act.

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Scammer promised a credit card with club access and bought jewellery worth Rs 7 lakh instead

A scammer, who goes by the name Saurabh Sharma, managed to dupe the 40-year-old woman. Sharma contacted the Mumbai resident posing as a bank official and offered her a credit card with free membership in a local sports club. The woman took interest in the offer and was sent a free Android smartphone as Sharma convinced her that the card could only be activated by an Android device, and the lady was an iPhone user. The man even let her keep the Android phone after activation, The scammer had already sourced the lady’s personal details such as Aadhaar number, name, date of birth, etc and got an Android smartphone delivered to the lady’s address the same day.

The Android device had DOT Secure and Secure Envoy Authenticator apps installed on it. The lady switched the SIM card from her existing iPhone and followed the scammer’s instructions. She then received two messages which indicated jewellery purchase transactions worth Rs 7 lakh. The lady collected details of the transaction from the bank and proceeded to launch a complaint with the police the next day. 

It has been reported that cyber crime cases in Mumbai have gone up by 63 percent in 2022. A report from the Business Standard also states that 1,292 cases have been solved so far out of the 12,261 registered cases.