Netflix Party lets you watch movies and TV shows with your friends, here’s how

“Netflix Party feature allows you to sync movies and shows so your friends can stream along with you and chat while watching”

With India and several parts of the world under total coronavirus lockdown, people are left working from home and finding different ways to connect with their friends and family. Many are also consuming more content on streaming platforms like Netflix during these lockdown days. But did you know there is a way to enjoy Netflix and connect with your friends at the same time? If you’ve never heard of Netflix Party before, we’re here to help. Netflix Party is a feature that allows you to sync movies and shows so your friends can stream along with you and chat while watching. Netflix Party is a Chrome Extension, that “synchronises video playback and adds a group chat to your favourite Netflix shows (and movies).” This will ensure that you and your friends are watching the same video on Netflix at the same time from your account, and with a chatbox on the side of the screen, allowing you to interact with each other in real-time. Sweet, isn’t it?

How to use Netflix Party

  • Download Chrome Extention. You can use the link we’ve embedded or Go to and click “Get Netflix Party for Chrome.”
  • Add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Now, on the browser load Netflix, and start playing a video.
  • To sync it with your friends, click on the “NP” icon on the upper right-hand side of your screen.
  • A window will pop-up instructing you to “Create a Netflix Party.” Click “Start the party.” Another window will appear with a link that you can share with your friends.
  • When they open the link
    and tap on Netflix Party icon, 
    voilà, they’ll see exactly what you do.
  • You have the option to either give yourself total control over the playback, or leave it open to everyone.
  • The chatbox will appear at the side of the screen, once you start Netflix Party. You have the option to hide it to enjoy full-screen viewing.