New Apple iMac with M3 chip, M3 MacBook Air and new Mac Pro in works: here’s what we know

The Apple iMac is reportedly not in mass production yet, and hence, it is not expected to launch any time before the end of this year.

  • A new Apple iMac with M3 chip is expected to be in the making
  • Apple could launch its 3nm M3 chip with a new MacBook Air at WWDC 2023
  • A 15-inch MacBook Air, an M3-powered 13-inch Air, and a new Mac Pro are also in works

Apple is reportedly working on at least four new Macs at the moment, according to a report on the matter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The noted Apple observer said in his latest newsletter, citing industry sources, that at the top of Apple’s Mac production line right now is a new Apple iMac powered by an M3 chip. The new desktop from the iPhone maker is not expected to be a drastic cosmetic change, but could become a member of Apple’s 2023 lineup of Macs.

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What the Apple iMac and others could offer

According to Gurman’s report, the Apple iMac is not going to offer much in terms of cosmetic upgrades. In fact, it is expected to look the same and carry the same spate of colours that it comes with at the moment. It will also feature the same 24-inch display that it comes with at the moment, and the only changes to the device could include internal component redesigns, as well as a new mechanism to fit its stand.

However, Gurman estimates that it is not the Apple iMac that could be the first to bring the new M3 SoC — that honour will seemingly fall on the MacBook Air, which was also the first M2-powered PC in Apple’s lineup. The M3 SoC is tipped to be the first Apple chip that moves to a 3nm fabrication process, and Apple seemingly seeks to continue its chip production in an annualised format the way it does with its A-series mobile chips.

The latter could be unveiled at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the Bloomberg report states, ahead of the new Apple iMac and a much-awaited 15-inch MacBook Air. Apple is also finally set to upgrade its Mac Pro desktop tower to its M-series chips, the report claims, which will finally see the brand move away entirely from any Intel-powered processors in its lineup.

All of this could be seemingly followed up by an M3-powered iPad Pro with OLED displays, and new MacBook Pro laptops with variants of the M3 chip, and OLED touchscreen displays, some time in 2024. Apart from this, Apple is said to be prepping its next generation of iOS and iPadOS software upgrades, which will be incremental in nature.