“The new MacBook Air is the first model in the series to come with a Retina display and Touch ID sensor”

Cupertino-giant Apple just hosted its Special Event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, New York City. The company kickstarted the event with the announcement of the latest MacBook Air 2018 with an overhauled design and a much-needed upgrade. If you are wondering what the new MacBook Air 2018 brings to the table, here is a list of top five features that make it worth watching out for.

A slimmer, refined design 

The new MacBook Air 2018 comes with what Apple claims to be a wedge-shaped design. The company states that its latest laptop has 17 percent less volume and is 10 percent thinner compared to the last-generation MacBook Air. Further, the laptop weighs just 1.24kg, which is 110g lighter than the previous model. 

Further, the brand proclaims that the new MacBook Air 2018 has 50 percent less carbon footprint, as it has used a custom, Apple-designed alloy using 100 percent recycled aluminium. The new frame is as sturdy and durable as the previous model, but is now more environment-friendly.

Retina display comes to the MacBook Air lineup

For years, the Apple MacBook Air users had to make do with a low-resolution display, whereas, the Pro series devices have all been upgraded to the Retina display. However, the new MacBook Air 2018 changes that as it’s the first Air series laptop to come with Apple’s signature Retina display panel. The 13.3-inch Retina display of the MacBook Air 2018 offers over 4 million pixels of resolution. As per the brand, the new MacBook Air 2018 offers 48 percent more colour than the last-gen MacBook Air. 

Improved keyboard and touchpad

Apart from the design and display, the brand has also improved the input mediums on the latest MacBook Air 2018. The newest laptop offering from the brand comes with the third-generation Apple-designed keyboard, which the company says can deliver more precise and responsive typing. Each key has been equipped with low-power LED for individual illumination for accuracy. 

The brand has also improved the touchpad on the new MacBook Air, which it is calling the industry-best Force Touch trackpad. The touchpad, which is 20 percent larger than the one on its predecessor, now offers pressure-sensing capabilities and haptic feedback. It is also quieter than before.

Powerful performance and audio enhancements 

As is expected from a new-generation MacBook, the machine comes with an upgraded internals. The laptop has been equipped with an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics and faster 2,133 MHz RAM with up to 16GB capacity. Apple has also equipped the laptop with up to 1.5TB SSD, which are up to 60 percent faster than on the previous generation.

Apart from this, the new MacBook Air 2018 comes with speakers that are 25 percent louder and offer two times more bass than the previous generation. There is also a three microphone array for better sound quality during calls and FaceTime as well as improved Hey Siri recognition. For I/O, the new MacBook Air now offers a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports. The laptop boots the latest Mac OS Mojave out of the box.

Sports Touch ID and improved security

The new MacBook Air is the first in the Air series to come with Apple’s Touch ID sensor integrated right into the keyboard. The fingerprint scanner lets users unlock the laptop with ease, and use Apple Pay to make payments online. Apple has equipped the new laptop with the T2 Security Chip to secure the data being used by the Touch ID. The T2 chip is also designed to protect software loaded during the boot process and data encryption for SSD, facilitating a secure boot process and secure storage for the latest MacBook Air. The chip also comes with an always-on processor for ‘Hey Siri’, which lets users ask Siri to find files and open a certain app.

TLDR: the new MacBook Air 2018 is basically a new-age MacBook Pro in the chassis of a MacBook Air. The base model of the laptop with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD will go on sale in India from November 7th carrying a price tag of Rs 1,14,900.