New PS5 revamps internal design to make it more power efficient

Sony has introduced a revised PS5 model with a smaller motherboard and improved cooling.

  • Sony has started rolling out PS5 models with a revamped internal design.
  • The revised PS5 model is slightly lighter and more power efficient compared to the older model.
  • Sony has also added a new motherboard to the PS5.

Sony has recently started rolling out PS5 with a revamped internal design. The revised PS5 model was first spotted in Australia last month. Now, YouTuber Austin Evans has offered a detailed look at what has changed with the new PS5. Sony is now using a smaller motherboard, improved cooling, and redesigned SSD enclosure on the PS5. Sony frequently upgrades the hardware of PS5 to improve performance and make it more efficient. The company had rolled out a revised model last year, which came with a smaller heatsink.

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A major change in the revised PS5 model is its upgraded motherboard. The new motherboard has been shrunk by two inches, and the console comes with a slightly different cooling tech with an additional heat pipe and a smaller heatsink. Thanks to these changes, the PS5 now weighs around 0.45 kgs lighter. The CMOS battery is now hidden under the heatsink and you will now need to completely disassemble the console to replace it. Besides these, the SSD enclosure has been changed to improve heat dissipation, as speculated by Evans. He also claims that the new PS5 model needs nearly 20 to 30 watts less power while playing games.

The new PS5 model comes right when Sony has hiked the price of this console in markets like Europe, the UK, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Fortunately, Indian price of PS5 continues to remain the same, with the PS5 disc version priced at Rs 49,990 and the Digital Edition priced at Rs 39,990. While Microsoft has increased the prices of Xbox Series X and other Xbox accessories in India, Sony hasn’t done this yet.

Sony is apparently also working on a major PS5 refresh, the PS5 Pro. While nothing is confirmed yet, rumours suggest that PS5 Pro will be able to deliver 120 FPS gameplay at 2160p resolution. It is also expected to offer 8K gaming. The PS5 Pro is rumoured to launch by 2024, and Sony may start sharing details about this console refresh from next year.