New State Mobile (PUBG New State) gets Mileage System to unlock special rewards

Krafton has introduced the Mileage System in New State Mobile, which will help players obtain special rewards.

  • Krafton has introduced the Mileage System in New State Mobile aka PUBG New State.
  • Players can unlock more rewards in the game by earning Mileage Points.
  • Mileage Points can be earned opening certain crates in New State Mobile.

Krafton has added a new mechanic to obtain more rewards in New State Mobile aka PUBG New State, which is called the Mileage system. The developer team has explained how the Mileage system works, and how players can earn new rewards in the game. Basically, players can earn Mileage Points from certain crates that can be exchanged for special rewards. The Mileage Points will be valid for a limited period, so players have to use them before they get expired. Players can use this new system to earn various rewards in New State Mobile including in-game currency or cosmetics like t-shirts, pants, emotes, and more.

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How to earn and use Mileage Points in New State Mobile

  • Open certain crates using Chicken Medals, NC, or Crate Tickets
  • Each crate offers a different type of Mileage Point, and each type of point can be exchanged for a specific set of rewards
  • After you have collected enough Mileage Points of a specific type, an icon will be displayed in the mileage gauge bar
  • Click on the icon to claim rewards

It should be noted that all crates will not offer Mileage Points in New State Mobile. The currently available crates including Pure Angel Crate, Gold Bling Crate, and Banana Friends Crate didn’t offer Mileage Points after we opened them. It’s unclear how players will be able to identify which crates offer Mileage Points and which ones don’t. The Mileage Points collected from a specific crate will be expired when that crate’s sale period ends. So, players have to use accumulated Mileage Points before the crate’s sale period expires.

Krafton is currently running New State Mobile 100th Day Anniversary event. During this event, players who participate in Round Deathmatch mode stand a chance to win various rewards such as 10 Royale Chest Tickets, 10 Chicken Medals, and 10,000 BP. 100 players will win these rewards by playing the Round Deathmatch mode solo or in a clan. Winners will be announced a few days after the 100th Day Anniversary event ends on February 25, 2022.