WhatsApp’s new storage management tool lets you quickly bulk delete files

The new WhatsApp storage management tool lets you quickly and easily delete files in bulk to help you free up storage space.

  • WhatsApp’s new storage management feature makes it easier to delete files
  • It lets you get rid of duplicate media and large files quickly
  • Browsing through files that need to be deleted is not possible at this time

WhatsApp has finally added a long-awaited storage management feature. The new storage management tool lets users delete files en-masse with the tap of a button and the ability to keep what is needed. The best part is that the new WhatsApp storage feature allows you to do it on a per-chat basis, reducing the likelihood of accidentally deleting important files from a different chat. Moreover, the new tool lets you see exactly what is being deleted. The existing storage usage option lets you delete categories (photos, videos, texts) without giving the user a preview of the files that are being deleted.

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The new WhatsApp storage management feature comes as a blessing for users who are a part of multiple groups and receive endless useless content that eventually takes up a lot of storage space. It is quite common for the same video to show up at numerous locations, with each instance gnawing up precious memory. WhatsApp now lets you find videos that have been forwarded multiple times and delete them all in one go. This can also be done on a per-chat basis. While this is heaps better than manually deleting files, it is recommended to save any essential media beforehand. The following video demonstrates how the feature works. 

WhatsApp is still miles behind competitors like Telegram when it comes to many key features; multi-device compatibility and cross-platform support being one of them. While it has been teased in a beta version of the application, it may be a long time before the feature makes it to a stable build. At least WhatsApp now lets you mute group chats forever and make calls from the desktop client, so that’s a start.