NoiseFit Force Rugged vs Fire-Boltt Cobra Rugged Outdoor smartwatch: which watch should you get?

Here's a quick comparison between NoiseFit Force Rugged and Fire-Boltt Cobra Rugged Outdoor smartwatches based on their price, design, and features.

Since the emergence of the work-from-home lifestyle and the pandemic, there has been an enormous increase in the demand for people to become fit. This has led to an increase in sales of fitness-related products, particularly smartwatches, and fitness trackers. The smartwatch market is booming, and the price range under Rs 5,000 is where there is the most competition.

Desirable characteristics of the ideal smartwatch include sufficient monitoring modes, accurate sensor data, powerful tracking software, and a long battery life. However, there are also outdoor, rugged models that are steadily gaining popularity. Today, the majority of watches focus on these indicators. The NoiseFit Force and the Fire-Boltt Cobra Rugged Outdoor smartwatch, both of which cost less than Rs 5,000, are two examples of these models that we have on hand. In this comparison, we’ll examine the differences between the two smartwatches in terms of price, design, and features.

NoiseFit Force Rugged vs Fire-Boltt Cobra Rugged Outdoor smartwatch: price, availability

The NoiseFit Force rugged smartwatch is available on Amazon and the Noise’s website for a price of Rs. 2,999 and is available in Mist Grey, Jet Black, and Teal Green colour options.

The Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch India price is Rs 3,499 and it will go on sale via Flipkart starting January 31st. The watch will be available in a slew of colours including Black, Camo Green, and Green.

NoiseFit Force Rugged vs Fire-Boltt Cobra Rugged Outdoor smartwatch: design, display, & performance


The NoiseFit Force smartwatch features a traditional circular dial with a beefier appearance. The watch uses both metal and plastic in its construction. The watch is undoubtedly large for the majority of wearers, measuring 50mm in diameter, which is the ideal size for rugged outdoor smartwatches. It has two buttons on the right side, one at the two o’clock position and the other at the four o’clock position. Between the two buttons is something reminiscent of an Apple Watch rotary crown, which gives the watch some novelty, especially given how much the NoiseFit Force costs. The watch’s underplate, which is made of plastic, houses all the necessary HR sensors as well as the charger’s pogo pin connectors. Due to its IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, the watch is a superior piece of gear for the price.

In contrast, the Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch has a square dial that was inspired by the Apple Watch. The Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch, like the NoiseFit Force, is constructed using a combination of metal and plastic and has a premium watch strap. It has a two-button design and an IP68 rating, making it dust and water resistant, as would be expected from a rugged outdoor smartwatch. In addition to the HR sensor suite, a microphone, a speaker unit, and pogo pin connectors for charging the internal battery, the bottom plate of the Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged watch is also made of plastic. The Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch is slightly larger than the NoiseFit Force in terms of size, in part because of Fire-Boltt’s design and larger display.


Another area where the NoiseFit Force and Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatches differ from one another is the display. A nearly bezel-less 1.32-inch LCD panel with a 360×360 pixel resolution and a maximum brightness of 550 nits is housed in the circular dial of the NoiseFit Force. The NoiseFit Force includes a selection of 150 pre-installed watch faces to go with the circular dial.

On the other hand, the Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch features a 1.78-inch AMOLED panel with a 60Hz refresh rate, a 368×448 pixel resolution, an always-on display mode, and a peak brightness of 500 nits. With the help of the companion app, the Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged comes with a selection of 100 watch faces that can be switched between.


The same set of sensors, including a continuous heart-rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep tracker, and accelerometer, are included in both the NoiseFit Force and the Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch. Both of these watches have corresponding companion apps that offer in-depth metrics on a range of features, such as the PPG sensor, sleep tracking, continuous heart-rate monitoring, step counter, and much more.

Both watches connect to smartphones via a Bluetooth 5.1 connection and can be paired with either an Android or an iPhone. The 300mAh battery inside the NoiseFit Force allows it to operate for up to 40 days in power-saving mode and about 7 days with typical use. However, the Fire-Boltt Cobra rugged smartwatch has a 15-day typical usage life and a 30-day battery-saving mode life.