Nokia 10 launch expected; India among key markets for HMD Global

Nokia 10 launch is expected down the line, though the exact launch date and specifications remain unclear at the moment. India is listed as a key market for HMD Global.

  • Nokia 10 seemingly in the works as per alleged internal documents
  • India is among the key markets for HMD Global
  • Nokia 10 launch date and specifications are still a mystery

Nokia 10 launch is expected somewhere down the line, as per an internal document sent to The document has mentioned the name of the smartphone along with the company’s future plans. The Nokia 10 could be the flagship phone we’ve been all waiting for since the Nokia 9 PureView. Nokia 10 specifications and launch date remain vague at the moment – even the document has a section prohibiting (probably officials) commenting on rumours about the smartphone. What we do know – per the report, however, is that HMD Global has plans to be among the top three smartphone brands in the next 3-5 years and India is one of the key markets.

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The listed key markets where HMD Global is focused to win include India, China, Russia, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA.

Additionally, the company wants to become the ‘best’ and ‘preferred’ Google partner. HMD Global, as you may know, has strong ties with the search-engine giant, with almost all Nokia smartphones being part of the Android One program. The internal document reportedly reveals that Nokia Mobile has a huge emphasis on technology and services that Google provides. One of the sentences says that Nokia phones are Pixels for every price category and that “Google provides 95 percent of our innovation”.

“Another section also shows the responsibility Nokia and HMD have in their brand licensing agreement,” added the report. Nokia is reportedly tasked with setting guidelines, requirements, and policies in regards to product quality, marketing, but also safety and human rights with regards to the production of Nokia phones. It can also stop any product or activity that breaches the brand requirements, while HMD Global is responsible for the business of developing, producing, marketing, and selling Nokia phones, and has to follow Nokia’s brand requirements. One of those requirements is that the company can’t compare its products with competitors during live events. That’s all the information we have right now.