“Thanks to a slider design and bright yellow hue, the 8110 4G warrants your attention as soon as you see it”

Under its new parent HMD Global, Nokia is making smart business moves. Last year, it played up the nostalgia factor with the 3310 (2017) edition, and this time around, the brand is at it again. It has just unveiled the 4G variant of the iconic 8110 slider phone, popularly referred to as the banana phone thanks to its curved design, which matches the human face. The popularity of device shot up after it was featured in The Matrix with the protagonist Neo carrying it, and eventually gave it cult status. The Finnish company claims that there are more than 1.3 billion people in the world still using feature phones, and is hoping to cater to them with this offering. Soon after the launch event, we checked out the Nokia 8110 4G and thanks to a fellow gent, also got to compare it with the original model. Read on to find what we think.

Nokia 8110 4G first impressions - 91mobiles 01

The Nokia 8110 4G warrants attention as soon as you see it. That’s because not only does it have a unique slider design, it’s also available in a bright yellow hue along with the usual black option. Made out of polycarbonate, the phone is lightweight and nestles into the hand well, thanks to its curvature. The slider mechanism works flawlessly and reveals the T9 keypad when open. The keys have a matte finish, and take some time in getting used to for navigating through the menus.

Nokia 8110 4G first impressions - 91mobiles 05

Comparing the Nokia 8110 4G against the original 8110, the former is much smaller and slimmer. However, the latest feature phone from the brand doesn’t seem to be as solid as its previous iteration. The keypad also doesn’t seem as robust either.

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The 8110 4G features a micro-USB port at the bottom for charging, while a 3.5mm audio socket is available up top. The power switch is located on the right edge. The rear panel has a matte finish and it can be opened to expose the slots for inserting SIM cards.

Nokia 8110 4G first impressions - 91mobiles 33

While the original came with a black and white display, the new Nokia 8110 4G offers a coloured display on a 2.4-inch screen. While the screen isn’t very sharp, it’s pretty good in its own right and offers good brightness levels and viewing angles. Interestingly, the device runs KaiOS, which can also be found on the JioPhone. The smart feature OS offers several apps such as Facebook, which aren’t usually available on feature phones. Nokia has also highlighted support for apps from Google such as Assistant, Maps Go, etc., but sadly, these weren’t installed on the demo units we got to play with.

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Specs-wise, the Nokia 8110 4G comes powered by a Snapdragon 205 Platform, which offers a dual-core chipset clocked at 1.1GHz. It’s paired along with 512MB RAM. The storage onboard is 4GB. The phone also sports a 2MP camera at the back. The device promises good battery life with its 1,500mAh pack. In fact, the brand claims it should offer a standby time of 25 days on a single charge.

To keep up with the latest trends, the dual-SIM phone supports 4G, and also comes with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi tethering, Bluetooth 4.1 and GPS.

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The New Nokia 8110 4G will go on sale in the month of April, and is certainly quite unique in the world of phones. However, with an average global price of 79 Euros (approx. Rs 6,300), it remains to be seen the phone is just a marketing gimmick or whether it’ll fly off the shelves.