Ola S1 Pro spotted with broken front-wheel suspension

A new headache for Ola!

  • Images of Ola S1 Pro with broken front-wheel suspension have been doing the rounds of the internet
  • The images reveal the front suspension and wheel detached from the scooter
  • The real reason behind this glitch hasn’t been revealed yet

More troubles for Ola S1 Pro as images of the electric scooter with broken front-wheel suspension have surfaced online. The images show the suspension and the front wheel detached from the scooter. Details of the exact location and reason for this unfortunate incident remain vague. Neither the Ola S1 Pro owner nor the company has confirmed how did it happen yet. However, Cartoq, which was the first to report the incident, claims that there could be two possibilities. Either the Ola S1 Pro faced a head-on collision with a rock, which led to the frontal part being damaged completely, or the frontal part of the scooter broke on its own while the owner of the scooter was riding it on a busy road.

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Ola S1 Pro broken suspension glitch

Whatever the reason would be, it’s not looking good for the Ola S1 Pro, which was introduced amidst much fanfare last year. The electric scooter is already battling software, fire, and a handful of other glitches. Most recently, it was reported that the Ola S1 Pro automatically went into reverse mode while the owner was trying to make his way through the “parked haphazardly in the middle of the road.” In a similar incident, the Ola electric scooter went in reverse at 90kmph, apparently due to a software glitch.

The EV also went up in flames last month in Pune. The root cause hasn’t been revealed yet, but reports suggest that the Ola S1 Pro caught fire owing to the poor quality of the lithium-ion battery. The government has ordered a probe into the matter. According to the road transport ministry, the Centre for Fire, Explosive, and Environmental Safety (CFEES) was assigned to investigate the incident’s circumstances and propose remedial actions to avoid such incidents in the future.