OnePlus 9R: 3 reasons to buy and 2 reasons not to buy this affordable flagship

OnePlus 9R goes on sale in India soon, but should you buy this affordable flagship?

  • OnePlus 9R price in India starts at Rs 39,999.
  • The phone is slated to go on sale in India from April 14th.
  • OnePlus 9R borrows some of its advanced features from the elder OnePlus 9.

Starting Wednesday, April 14th, people in India will be able to buy the new OnePlus 9R (review). So if you are eager for an upgrade and have considered buying the phone, here’s what you need to know. OnePlus 9R is the most affordable variant in the OnePlus 9 series. Talking about hardware, the smartphone features an AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, the new Snapdragon 870 Soc in tow, and 65W fast charging. OnePlus 9R price in India starts from Rs 39,999 and we recently reviewed the phone to find out what works and what doesn’t. Based on our review, here’s a quick look at a few reasons why you should buy the OnePlus 9R and a couple of reasons why you can skip it.

3 reasons to buy OnePlus 9R

1. Top performance in its class

OnePlus 9R does not get the flagship-grade Snapdragon 888 chipset. Instead, the company has decided to go with the new Snapdragon 870 SoC that basically borrows its hardware cores from last year’s Snapdragon 865 chipset. By no means would you call this old hardware, even in 2021. And with the rechristened version of the SoC, you get performance that truly matches your needs and more. OnePlus 9R might be the affordable variant, but there is no compromise on its performance level. As pointed by our in-house reviewer Kshitij Pujari, “benchmarks do paint a very rosy picture about the device’s capabilities, showing that it is, in fact, flagship-grade and for a price of Rs 39,999, you are not going to get faster performance as things stand right now.”

You can buy the OnePlus 9R with 8GB or 12GB RAM that comes with 128GB and 256GB internal storage, respectively. With this hardware combo, you will never feel let down by the performance of this device, period.

OnePlus 9R

2. Excellent software

OnePlus 9R runs on the tried-and-tested Oxygen OS that gets version 11.1 based on the Android 11 operating system. Yes, the interface has become clunkier but it still remains one of the user-friendly skins out there right now. The gesture support has made navigation fluid, thanks to the use of a 120Hz AMOLED display which makes the experience a sheer delight. All in all, there has been very little to complain about Oxygen OS thus far, and it continues to be the case with the OnePlus 9R.

3 Fast charging

It’s good to see OnePlus 9R getting the same fast-speed 65W Warp Charge charging technology as its elder brothers. With this feature, you can fully charge the 4500mAh battery in about 30 minutes. During our review, we noticed that “the 9R’s Snapdragon 870 chipset happens to be less power efficient than the Snapdragon 888 found on the 9 and 9 Pro due to a smaller fabrication process on the latter. However, in real life, differences are quite negligible.”

The phone is easily able to perform up to the mark and gives you up to 7 hours of screen-on time, which is decent in most cases. However, don’t expect the battery to last you long if you indulge in heavy-duty gaming or other GPU-intensive tasks.

2 reasons to not buy OnePlus 9R

1. Average low light camera performance

OnePlus 9R misses out on the Hasselblad camera chops. While that does not make a big dent in its overall performance in daylight, you start noticing the shortcomings with its low-light capability. As Kshitij Pujari right points out in his review, “OnePlus 9R has the tendency to overexpose shots and there is a decent amount of lens flaring as well in an indoor, dimly lit scenario. Shadows were not particularly prominent and detailing was sparse without adequate lighting.” He terms OnePlus 9R as an above-average low-light shooter but with some work needed.

2. No 3.5mm headphone jack

One thing you might not like about the OnePlus 9R is that it misses out on the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. While it did surprise quite a few, we didn’t keep high hopes in this regard. After all, the 9R is nothing but a rechristened version of the OnePlus 8T. But you will find most phones in this price bracket offer wired music streaming support. So, if that is a deal-breaker for you with the OnePlus 9R then you can look at other options out there.