OnePlus will unveil a futuristic concept phone at CES 2020, could be a foldable phone

“OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tweeted that the company will be bringing a sneak peek into the future look of smartphones” 

OnePlus posted a teaser for the upcoming CES 2020 Special Event which doesn’t really reveal anything except for the words “OnePlus Concept One”. Following this, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau tweeted that the company will be bringing a “sneak peek into the future look of smartphones.” That’s pretty much everything that we know so far, but speculations have already begun with many believing OnePlus will showcase its own foldable smartphone concept. 

What is the OnePlus Concept One? 

Now, what can this Concept One device be? Going by the name, this new product will definitely be a concept smartphone that probably won’t see the light of day until later in 2020, if not 2021. Brands like Vivo and OPPO have been used to showcasing next-gen technologies at such trade shows. OPPO recently demoed its under screen camera concept. OnePlus’ concept phone could focus a new display or camera design, or it could be a foldable smartphone as that’s all the rage right now. Samsung did something similar with the Galaxy Fold, where it only gave us a little peek at the phone, which was clad in a suit of armour. If OnePlus plans on launching a foldable phone, that would be a big deal for the company. 

We expect OnePlus to reveal more details about the Concept One device in the coming weeks. Earlier this year, CEO Pete Lau had stated that there is currently no foldable phone in the pipeline, but it’d be a nice surprise if we see one at the Special Event in January.