OnePlus cryptocurrency wallet could be on the cards, company’s new survey suggests

OnePlus might be looking to enter the cryptocurrency market.

  • OnePlus is conducting a survey asking people questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Questions listed in the survey suggest that OnePlus might launch a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Samsung already has a cryptocurrency wallet on offer.

The cryptocurrency market has been going through a bumpy ride over the past few weeks. In spite of the volatile market condition, big tech companies have been looking to jump the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Recently, news broke out that Apple might enter the cryptocurrency market as it has posted a job listing for a Business Development Manager with experience in cryptocurrency. Now, it looks like OnePlus is also planning to enter the cryptocurrency market as the company is conducting a survey asking people about their experience, usage, and habits related to cryptocurrency. While nothing is confirmed at the moment, it seems likely that a OnePlus cryptocurrency wallet launch could be on the cards.

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OnePlus might launch a cryptocurrency wallet

On Tuesday, MySmartPrice spotted that OnePlus is conducting a survey through Google Docs, asking people questions about blockchain technology. The description for the survey reads “Hi OnePlus community, as blockchain technology are becoming increasingly popular, the OneLab team are curious to know how our community is engaged with blockchain-related activities. The survey will take 5 to 10 minutes to fill out and we really appreciate your help“.

The survey starts by asking you basic information about yourself such as your age, gender, and region. Once you fill in the details, you will be presented with questions related to cryptocurrency such as have you invested in cryptocurrency, how long have you been investing, how much money have you invested so far, and how often do you trade and check prices of cryptocurrencies.

It then moves on to ask you about what kind of platforms do you use for trading cryptocurrency, on which devices do you use trade platforms, do you store your cryptocurrency on software and hardware wallets, if yes, then which wallets or hardware. The survey ends by asking you if you have ever purchased a second-hand smartphone and if you have faced any issues with it.

All the questions listed in the survey from OnePlus suggest that the brand is looking to launch a cryptocurrency wallet, which, OnePlus users can use to store their cryptocurrency on their OnePlus devices. It is also possible that OnePlus is just creating an app to monitor cryptocurrency prices. The company could also launch a cryptocurrency trading platform. There are a number of possibilities at the moment but no solid information.

Hopefully, we will know more as time passes by. It is also worth mentioning that Samsung already offers a cryptocurrency wallet called Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Maybe OnePlus is following the footsteps of Samsung.

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