OnePlus’ $19.99 DR-1 drone is no April Fools’ joke

“The OnePlus DR-1 is the world’s smallest remote-controlled drone”

Yes you read it right, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus’s latest product is a drone. Called the OnePlus DR-1, it’s a quadcopter with a wingspan of 70mm, which the brand claims makes it the smallest remote-controlled drone in the world. Priced at just $19.99 (around Rs 1,250), the drone is available to purchase from the brand’s international website in limited quantities. 

OnePlus DR-1

The OnePlus DR-1 is equipped with four blades to generate flight lift. It has a rechargeable 100mAh battery, which fully charges in around 20 minutes to deliver 5-8 minutes of flight time. The device also has ultra-bright LEDs for easy detection at night.

The DR-1 is a special edition product from OnePlus and is only available in limited quantities. Our exclusive miniature drone is a one-time offer, so get them before they’re gone,” commented the brand on the launch. 

OnePlus DR-1 Drone

Meanwhile, the company’s first and only smartphone, the One (Review | FAQs) is available to purchase directly from Amazon without registration today.