OnePlus not launching unified OS, global devices will continue to run OxygenOS

OxygenOS 13 will be released later this year.

  • OnePlus cancels unified OS ahead of the OnePlus 10 Pro global launch.
  • Upcoming OnePlus smartphones will continue to run OxygenOS.
  • OxygenOS and ColorOS will be based on a unified codebase.

Last year in June, OnePlus formally joined hands with OPPO to build “even better products” for its customers. Months after the merger, OnePlus took things to the next level and announced a new “unified OS,” a cumulation of OnePlus’ OxygenOS and OPPO’s ColorOS. Yes, the same unified OS that’s rumored to be known as H2OOS. The unified OS was expected to debut this year with the company’s flagship device. Then, OnePlus announced OxygenOS 13, creating more uncertainty over the arrival of the unified OS. OnePlus has now confirmed unified OS isn’t coming and global devices will continue to run OxygenOS.

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OnePlus OxygenOS Unified Codebase
“While OxygenOS and ColorOS will continue to be developed on the same codebase – to allow for faster updates and better build quality – OxygenOS and ColorOS will remain independent brand properties,” said OnePlus in a forum post.

After weeks of uncertainty, OnePlus has confirmed that it’s scrubbing unified OS development, but the unified codebase will remain very much alive. OxygenOS and ColorOS will continue to share the same codebase for faster updates and better quality. 

OnePlus OxygenOS
“This new course was taken in accordance with feedback from our community – we understand users of OxygenOS and ColorOS want each operating system to remain separate from each other with their own distinct properties,” reads the forum post.

Global OnePlus devices will continue to run OxygenOS, while ColorOS will be the staple for OnePlus devices in China. It means that the OnePlus 10 Pro, which is slated to launch globally and in India next month, will run OxygenOS 12 out of the box. 

OnePlus OxygenOS 13

As far as OxygenOS 13 is concerned, we can expect it to drop soon after the Android 13 is out of the oven. OnePlus says it’ll be working closely with its community members and Google towards developing OxygenOS 13. The OxygenOS 13 will come with “a unique visual design and a range of exclusive customization features.”

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