OnePlus Nord 2 blast: company refunds victim, will pay for medical expenses

OnePlus has collected the device from the victim for further investigation.

  • A OnePlus Nord 2 unit exploded inside victim’s jeans pocket.
  • The victim is currently admitted to the hospital following severe second-degree burns.
  • OnePlus India will refund the victim and assures to take care of medical expenses.

Earlier this week, yet another OnePlus Nord 2 unit burst into flames. The incident caused severe burns to the victim’s torso. This is not the first time we have heard about a Nord 2 device exploding. 91mobiles reached out to OnePlus for a statement regarding the statement. The company said, “We take such incidents seriously. Our team has already reached out to the user and we are in the process of collecting the details to investigate this further.” Now, OnePlus India has provided more information regarding the matter.

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As per a MySmartPrice report, OnePlus India collected the burnt Nord 2 from the user. The device has reportedly been sent to the Pune service centre for further investigation. Meanwhile, OnePlus’ India operational head is said to be constantly in touch with the victim for help. The victim told the publication that the OnePlus refunded the amount and assured the victim that the company will take care of medical expenses. 

A Twitter user who seems to know the victim posted pictures of the smartphone after the explosion and the victim’s burn. The pictures look like the phone was in the victim’s pocket when it caught fire, leaving severe burns. As per the victim’s relative, the victim was riding his bike when the smartphone caught fire. The relative said that the victim bought the smartphone two months from Amazon India. He further added that the victim never faced any overheating issues with the phone, and even the weather was cold on the day of the accident. The victim is currently admitted to the hospital with severe second-degree burns after the explosion.

The issue seems to be very concerning as it is the second time report of Nord 2 bursting into the flames since its launch. A few months ago, a Nord 2 exploded in a Delhi-based lawyer’s robe. In that case, OnePlus asked the customer to hand over the device for further investigation; however, the victim refused to submit the device to the company. Later, OnePlus called the lawyer’s claim “disparaging” and “defamatory,” sending the lawyer a cease and desist notice.