OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is a great affordable buy for smart home entertainment

Ahead of the new year, OnePlus added a larger option to its Y1S Pro portfolio in the form of a 55-inch model. The new TV adheres to the Y1S Pro series’ tradition of offering cutting-edge features at an affordable price. All the 4K HDR brilliance of this smart television set can be yours at just Rs 39,999. It’s also worth noting that it maintains the exquisite bezel-less design that the Y1S Pro series is known for. There’s plenty more to know about the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro so without wasting any time, let us tell you what makes it an ideal buy for your smart home entertainment.

Bigger screen with a stunning visual performance

The 55-inch 4K UHD panel on this TV prides itself on the 10-bit colour depth that allows it to deliver more than 1 billion colours. This effectively means impeccable colour accuracy irrespective of what you’re watching on the screen. You will never need to toy with the saturation levels as the TV will automatically deliver amazing colour accuracy with its 10-bit colour depth.

OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro

What’s more, the power of AI further boosts the visual experience of this TV. Its AI-powered Gamma Engine has been created so the TV can analyse the image quality in real-time to tailor the contrast levels and colour vibrancy on the fly. And then there’s the MEMC technology, which is especially useful for those who view a lot of sports on their TVs. It stands for Motion Estimation Motion Compensation and enables the enhancement of fast-moving scenes to offer smoother and more realistic motion. As a result, a fast-moving ball or a running player will no longer appear blurry to you.

What is a 4K UHD TV without HDR, right? OnePlus hasn’t forgotten this and has equipped this unit with support for three mainstream HDR formats – HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG. As a result, all the content from your streaming platforms will be delivered to you in vivid detail, thanks to the high contrast levels that create natural depth. The combined power of all these features translates into stunning visuals, irrespective of the content type that you’re watching on your TV. And this makes the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro a visual powerhouse.

Smart connectivity

Powered by the Android TV 10.0 platform, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro acts as a smart hub for home entertainment. In case you’re wondering, yes, Google Assistant is supported for voice commands to perform any possible action you want. Other essentials like built-in Chromecast and the Google Play Store are also present. But the most significant connectivity advantage of OnePlus TVs is the seamless integration they have with other OnePlus devices.

Take, for instance, their connectivity with the OnePlus Buds. Someone watching content with these earbuds on may just remove one from their ear and the TV will automatically pause the content. And putting it back on will start playing it again. The OnePlus Watch integration goes even deeper. While it allows you to turn the TV on or off with the device, there’s also a feature called Smart Sleep Control, which senses that you’ve fallen asleep to discreetly turn the TV off, after showing you a prompt on the screen.

Thanks to OnePlus Connect 2.0, users of the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro can swiftly use their smartphones to control the user interface even when there’s no Wi-Fi or data connection around. You can use your phone as a remote control or even as a casting device for local videos. Moreover, up to five devices can stay paired at the same time, allowing your entire family to have access to OnePlus Connect 2.0.

High-end audio features

A maximum sound output of 24W is provided by this TV. It’s made possible by the dual speaker units placed on its rear panel. And to ensure that the audio is balanced, OnePlus has added Dolby Audio support into the mix as well. This provides you with an immersive feel, whether it’s movies or sports. The Dolby Audio boost creates a powerful and atmospheric sound that heightens the experience of consuming content on this TV screen. And of course, if you don’t wish to disturb people around you, you can always use this TV’s Bluetooth 5.0 support to connect your earbuds.

The OnePlus advantage includes one more handy piece of software called OxygenPlay 2.0. It’s the UI platform that allows you to discover a wide variety of movies and TV shows from your favourite streaming platforms. And it doesn’t ignore cable channels in this process. OxygenPlay 2.0 provides immediate access to over 230 live channels to help you keep up to date on the latest news and sports updates.

Bottom line

Anyone in the market for a 55-inch TV model right now may look no further than the newest addition to the OnePlus Y1S Pro lineup. Its 4K UHD brilliance pairs beautifully with its Dolby Audio-equipped aural experience and is complemented by a plethora of smart connectivity features that boost the user experience further. And all this at a price of just Rs 39,999 makes it a deal that just cannot be ignored. The OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is available on the brand’s official website, Amazon, Flipkart, and offline channels.

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