OnePlus TV Y1 and U1S prices in India hiked by up to Rs 7,000, likely due to component shortages

  • OnePlus has hiked the prices of many of its smart TVs in India. 
  • OnePlus TV Y1 series price has been hiked by up to Rs 25,00, and the OnePlus TV U1 series by Rs 7,000
  • The price hike is likely due to increased duties and component shortages. 

Not too long ago, OnePlus launched three new smart TVs in India as a part of the OnePlus TV U1S series. We even got to review the OnePlus TV U1S 65-inch variant and found it to be lacking. OnePlus, on the other hand, seems to think that the TVs are worth even more than their initial launch prices, as it has increased prices for many of its smart TVs across the board, including the OnePlus TV U1S lineup. While some of the price hikes are somewhat justifiable, others are downright ludicrous and one can’t help but wonder what OnePlus was thinking. Here’s a quick rundown of all the OnePlus TV models that were subject to the said price hike. 

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ModelOld PriceNew PriceDifference
OnePlus TV32Y1Rs 16,999Rs 18,999Rs 2,000
OnePlus TV40Y1Rs 23,999Rs 26,499Rs 2,500
OnePlus TV43Y1Rs 26,999Rs 29,499Rs 2,500
Oneplus TV 50U1SRs 39,999Rs 46,999Rs 7,000
OnePlus TV 55U1SRs 47,999Rs 52,999Rs 5,000
OnePlus TV 65U1sRs 62,999Rs 68,999Rs 6,000

As expected, it’s the more expensive models — 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch U-series — that have had the steeper price hikes. But the budget 40-inch and 43-inch Y-series price hikes of Rs 2,500 each will definitely hurt OnePlus in the affordable smart TV segment considering how competitive that price point is. While the TVs are still somewhat affordable, the extra ~Rs 2,500 could be a dealbreaker for many on a shoestring budget. One can only hope that the hike is temporary and that OnePlus revises it later on.

Although the situation isn’t nearly as bad as gaming consoles and gaming graphics cards, smart TV prices have shot up in the past few weeks, in part, due to component shortages and India’s increased taxes on some key parts required to manufacture smart TVs. Although most OEMs manufacture the TVs locally, many parts have to be sourced from outside of the country.