Opera GX gaming-centric browser with Twitch integration announced

“Opera GX gaming browser allows setting limits on CPU and RAM usage and also sends notifications when a streamer goes live”

At the E3 gaming show, Opera has introduced a new version of its browser, called Opera GX, as the world’s first gaming browser. It has a dedicated panel that allows users to set limits on CPU and RAM usage. This certainly addresses the often complaint of browsers consuming system resources intensively, making it a smart feature to have. The control panel also displays the amount of resources being used. Aimed at gamers, the browser displays deals on games, gaming accessories, entertainment news, and more on opening a new tab.

Opera retained the popular sidebar on the left spine for quick access to various settings and services including Twitch subscriptions. It can also send notifications when a streamer the user follows goes live. As for the look, by default, the browser has black and red accents, highlighting the spaces and icons; however, this is user customisable. It also includes sound effects that are composed in collaboration with sound designer Ruben Rincon and the band Berlinist.

The Opera GX browser also has a dedicated VPN, ad-blocker, and panels for access to Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The browser also supports floating window. Not only does it support traditional Opera extensions, but the browser is also compatible with Google Chrome extensions. The early access Opera GX is currently only available for Windows and can be downloaded from the Opera website.