Opera Touch browser for iOS finally gets Crypto wallet and Web 3 support

“Users need to purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) and store it in their Opera Crypto Wallet to make transactions”

After releasing for Android and desktop, Opera Touch browser for iOS finally gets built-in Crypto Wallet support. It also brings Web 3, meaning the iOS devices can now run decentralised applications (Dapps) based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. Opera Touch browser was launched last year, and the built-in Crypto Wallet was first introduced on desktops in September 2018 and was made available for Android in December. This enables users’ to make online transactions and access Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens, stablecoins, and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Opera Touch iOS

Furthermore, the browser also supports Ethereum Web 3 API that allows interactions with Dapps without requiring any browser extensions. One can access a selection of Web 3 apps in the Dappstore directly from the speed dial screen. Opera has partnered with Marble Cards, with the new Dapp is designed to transform webpages into digital collectable cards called Marble Cards that users can either play with it, trade it, or sell it through Opera Touch. Users need to purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency and store it in their Opera Crypto Wallet to make transactions.

Opera Touch browser packs a host of new features including My Flow’ that lets users share websites, notes, and more across multiple devices. The browser on iOS can also be connected to the PC version and access recent tabs from the computer. It features dark and light themes and the recently introduced private mode. The Opera Touch browser for iOS is already available on the App Store and is compatible with devices running iOS 11 and above.

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